Published On : Sat, Mar 16th, 2013
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Birds wake up to thunder, Citizens greeted with drizzle in Nagpur, Weather change cheers all

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It was the pleasant day out, in and around Nagpur on Friday, when the misty morning opened its arm for the cloudy day ahead. The sun remained covered with clouds for the entire day while the rainy spell prevailed all over.

The sudden rise in temperature two days back met with a sharp decline as the drizzles turn up to bring respite to the people.

The thunderous clouds made the birds wake up to a rushing start of the day, as it sounded like a gun fire for them. Quite unexpected it was, both for the birds and humans.

However, connecting areas of Nagpur saw some more of the weather change. Hailstorm was reported in nearby Betul district in Madhya Pradesh. The hailstones were as large as the size of marbles.

Meanwhile, the pleasant weather in Nagpur prompted many to freak out at the out spots. The cluster of people at Futala Lake was more than what it remains on normal Fridays.

Raincoats were also taken out of the hiding in order to go armed on streets.