Published On : Sat, Mar 20th, 2021

Biodiversity conservation is necessary to obtain sustainable benefit for future generation : H.R. Bakhru

National webinar on “Biodiversity Conservation” organized Joint venture of National Institute of Disaster Management, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and Dada Ramchand Bakhru Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Over 100 participants from India and abroad

Nagpur. A one day National Webinar on Biodiversity Conservation was jointly organized by National Disaster Management Institute, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi and Dada Ramchand Bakhru Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur. While inaugurating the training program organized under the guidance of NIDM’s Executive Director Major General Shri. Manoj Kumar Bindal, the President of Sindhi Hindi Vidya Samiti Shri H.R. Bakhru said that Biodiversity conservation is necessary to obtain sustainable benefit for future generation. It can be achieved by preventing cutting of tree, putting ban on hunting of animals, efficient utilization of natural resources, protecting national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, Biodiversity hotspots & gene sanctuaries. He further said that the present society should develop conservation strategy that meet their needs without compromising that our future generation.

Head of ECDRM Department, NIDM Prof. Anil K. Gupta in his key note speech said, Most of the areas including some villages are going to convert into cities. The natural forests are going to underpressure day by day. This will be greater challenging to air quality and water resources. The only solution to that is, “If cities are entering into forests, let the forest should enter into cities”. That is the reason the new concept of urban forest and urban diversity has come. And that is the reason new city development protocol says that within the city now let us have forest. This is the new planning approach globally.

Sindhi Hindi Vidya Samiti Chairman Dr. Vinki Rughwani said economic growth is very important but then we have to maintain a balance between the development & Biodiversity, because ultimately this balance will only make us to have a good life style in a human being. General Secretary of Sindhi Hindi Vidya Samiti Dr. I.P. Keswani said each component of this universe has to be protected in its original form, so if any kind of development takes place somewhere and other species are affected, naturally it will to become our duty to see that they are protected. Program initiation was done by NIDM Consultant and Faculty Member Shri Ashish Kumar Panda. The introductory speech was delivered by Dr. Santosh V. Kasbekar, Officiating Principal of DRB Sindhu Mahavidyalaya. Dr. Satish Tewani, Vice Principal delivered a Valedictory speech.

Mr. Naveen Maheshkumar Agrawal, Convenor of the webinar and Registrar of Dada Ramchand Bakhru Sindhu Mahavidyalaya informed that the event was a huge success with the presence of 100 distinguished dignitaries and delegates on the Zoom platform and over 1000 participants on live YouTube streaming. It included representatives from almost all the states of India as well as representatives from foreign countries.

A total of 4 technical sessions were conducted in this webinar in which Shri Ashish Kumar Panda delivered a lecture on “Environment Degradation and Biodiversity Conservation”, Shri Awdhesh Kumar, Assistant Professor, INVERTIS University, Bareilly, Uttarpradesh on “S &T Innovations for Biodiversity Conservation”, Dr. Milind Shinkhede, Assistant Professor, D.R.B. Sindhu Mahavidyalaya on “Diversity and conservation of honey bees” and Dr. Yogesh Bhute, Assistant Professor, D.R.B. Sindhu Mahavidyalaya on “Biodiversity in India: Threats and Conservation strategies”

The program was moderated by Dr. Jayant Walke, Assistant Professor, DRB Sindhu Mahavidyalaya, while Mr. Naveen Maheshkumar Agrawal, Registrar of college and Program Convenor, proposed the vote of thanks.