Video: Binnaki Mangalwari pond dying a slow death due to neglect and encroachment

Nagpur: The first warning that you get of approaching the landfill is the sight of gigantic piles of dump. The mound of waste itself becomes visible much before one is assaulted by its stench.

The pond which used to be a major source of water in Binaaki Mangalwari, has gone half of it size due to neglect of administration and injudicious use by the residents. The residents of the area have turned the pond in a dumping zone and also constructed houses on it. As a consequence, weeds like water hyacinth can be traced nurturing in the polluted water. The pond, once acquiring an area of 2.5 acres has shrinked to half now. Several illegal constructions have also been made by encroaching the land of the pond. Praveen Bhisikar, regional concilor, informed that an initiative was taken to clean the pond around a month ago.

However, continuous rain, boosted the growth of weeds again. He also stated that the drainage line leaking in the pond will be fixed soon. The concilors have also demanded a sum of 30 lakh from NMC commissioner Ashwin Mudgal for restoration of the dying pond. After, inspection, Mudgal has assured to provide the required fund.