Big Blunder : Big Basket errs on ‘card on delivery’, covers goof up!

Nagpur: Online grocery marketplace Big Basket has been making the customers go haywire in Nagpur, thanks to its ill-informed delivery mechanism which often fails to deliver what is promised while placing order. Moreover, Big Basket covers up its glitches, by passing the buck on customers, putting the request for cancellation in their mouth.

Hordes of customers in Nagpur have been facing the harrowing time ordering on Big Basket as they have to deal with the delivery boys turning up without card machines or non-functional devices on their door steps.

A glaring example of ‘card on delivery’ glitch by Big Basket came to the fore on Tuesday morning when a customer in Manewada area received his order with no option to pay by card upon delivery. This, despite the fact that he perfectly chose the ‘card on delivery’ option to pay for his order. However, this was not the first time he was facing this issue. “Every time I choose this card on delivery option while ordering in Big Basket but eventually ends up paying in cash, as the delivery boys often come up with lame excuses of not having card machines or erroneous devices. However this time I decided to reach out to their customer care but that too proved to be of no avail as the executive on call bluntly said they could do nothing in the case and eventually left me with only option to cancel the order.”

Speaking further on condition on anonymity he said, “That was not all. I was shocked to know that my order #MNGO-7xxxxxxx-1xxxx was cancelled as it showed that it was done on my request. Why did they not show that it was cancelled because they failed to provide ‘card on delivery’ option. How come that is possible when the only request I placed is to pay by card which is deliberately avoided by delivery boys.”

Sources said that this problem with Big Basket persists in all the areas of its delivery where the customers are compelled to pay in cash, no matter what mode of payment they choose. Insiders point out to the big glitch behind collecting payment in cash and not abiding by its promise to give out the facility of card on delivery to its customers.

Many customers have raised apprehensions behind this move of Big Basket.

Meanwhile, all efforts to reach out to Big Basket for comment failed.