Published On : Thu, Oct 11th, 2012

Bhrashtachar – Mehangai Mitao,Congress Hatao-Desh Bachao; Devendra Fadnavis.

Nagpur News : MLA Devendra Fadnavis addressed a gathering at the BJP office today at 4.30 pm where he took up key points with respect to the current scenario of the country. The slogan of the project Bhrashtachar – Mehangai Mitao, Congress Hatao, Desh Bachao was a clear indication that the BJP is strictly against the polices of the Congress government.

While addressing the media he said that this particular protest has been taken up by the entire BJP family against the Government. The Government has been involved in various scams and corruption is deeply rooted in the state of Maharashtra and in the central government too. He also addressed the FDI issue.

Devendra Fadnavis also presented some vital documents of communication that indicated the double standards maintained by the Government. He further mentioned that the first economic survey which was presented by the UPA Government in the parliament after assuming office in 2004 stated that the economy appears to be in resilient mode in terms of growth, inflation and balance of payments.

It further said that the economy had enjoyed the benefits of relatively low inflation with comfortable stocks of food grain and that the government in the chapter of prices and food management said that the double digit of inflation that was standing at 10.6% in the year of 91-92 and 95-96 during the time Manmohan Singh was Finance minister came down to 4.6%. But all of this data was during 2004 and all those statistics don’t matter now as the country currently is going through its worst time of the modern era. The increase in prices has made life difficult for the common man.


The next topic on the list was the most talked about issue in the country currently, the FDI. Addressing this topic he again presented documents like a letter sent by Priya Ranjan Dasmunshi to the minister of Commerce and Industry Shri Murasoli Maran where he appealed to the federation of associations of Maharashtra regarding the role of FDI in retail trade and the concerns regarding this issue and said that this has been discussed in the party meeting.


He asked the concerned desk to revert back to this topic as the FDI directly poses a threat to the retail traders directly affect the retail traders. Fadnavis later added that Manmohan Singh had sent a letter to C.T. Shanghvi, Chairman of Foreign Trade Committee, dated 5th December 2002 which stated the Government had no plan to implement the FDI in retail trade and this was assured by the finance minster in the Rajya Sabha. To this Fadnavis said that in 2002 if Manmohan Singh had himself stated that the FDI implementation would not take place has suddenly changed over the couple of years this only states the shaky back bone of the Congress as it never stays on its word and keeps on changing with the trends around it.

He lastly brought up a topic that directly related to Manmohan Singh. The PM had mentioned on Tuesday that the subsidsed cylinders would be given to the rural poor and other backward classes. Fadnavis said that this particular project is rubbish and most of the rural poor people already live in poverty and giving these people subsidy cylinders is not needed as most of them don’t use it. When we are talking of rural poor it means people earning an income of less than Rs. 1000. So if these people have an income of less than Rs. 1000, how can they afford a cylinder and so the entire concept of subsidized cylinders to the rural poor is nothing but rubbish.  The government is at a stage where it doesn’t know where to head and this is a concern for the country as the country isn’t progressing.

This entire episode by the BJP was to make the country aware about the developments taking place in the country with respect to the increase in corruption, increase in prices and the major issue of FDI in multi brand retail. This protest will carry on from the BJP till some changes are not effected in order to curb this crisis. This is all to tell people that the Congress Government only makes false promises like the one where they said Maharashtra would get 3 additional cylinders. This promise hasn’t been fulfilled as yet. This is a proof of the bullishness of the Congress Government and an eye opener for the public.