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    Published On : Thu, Oct 1st, 2015

    Beneficiary of Prashant Wasankar from Mumbai attempts to dupe Nagpur Crime Branch

    : In what could be regarded as brow-beating, one of the beneficiaries of Prashant Wasankar whom the Investigation Officer (IO) of Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Nagpur Crime Branch had traced out had come to Nagpur and tried to pressurize the IO of EOW to accept a minimal amount in cash and the remaining in Share Certificates.

    According to sources, the party which one of the beneficiaries of Prashant Wasankar and having some business in Mumbai was traced by the Investigation Officer (IO) Police Inspector Dane of Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Nagpur Crime Branch under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police (EOW) Deepali Masirkar. The beneficiary had received Rs 12 crore from Wasankar.

    The beneficiary from Mumbai had come to Nagpur and had approached the Joint Commissioner of Police Nagpur Rajvardhan. He had accepted his guilt and has agreed to immediately deposit Rs 2 crore. In lieu of the remaining ten crores, he was pressurizing the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Nagpur Crime Branch to accept Share Certificates of some company. However, the Investigation Officer (IO) Police Inspector Dane did not fall prey to his duress and refused to accept the Share Certificates. The beneficiary had used all his powers of convincing to convince the EOW officials to accept the share certificates.

    Investors decry inaction of EOW on Mumbai beneficiaries
    One of the major investors in Wasankar’s Ponzi schemes Architect Pathak said that the beneficiaries from Mumbai have been given an extremely long rope or shown undue leniency. He claimed that the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Nagpur Crime Branch should start pressuring the beneficiaries from Mumbai who according to sources are beneficiaries of more than Rs 18 crore, some very big educational institutions run by former and present ministers (to whom more than Rs 3.40 crore were given a donation or investment), then adding these amounts to the already recovered amount of Rs 20 crore, at least rupees forty crores can be recovered (which is half the invested amount). Sources claimed that the actual total amount invested by the investors (based on the 500 complainants) is only around Rs 90 crore.

    Intensified action needed
    Sources claimed that an intensified action by EOW alone can help in recovering the total amount. The amount that was traced is white money. According to sources there is a list of around 1500 investors in Nagpur alone based on the hard-disc recovered from Wasankar Investments Company. The amount invested (based on the hard-disc) amounts to around Rs 1000 crore. How are the EOW officials intending to recover this amount?

    Unless the IO is supported by at least 10-15 officials of Inspector rank, many stenos and typists, many chartered accountants, this dream of recovering the huge amount can never become a reality. This also means that these beneficiaries must have made the documents to ensure that the money given by Wasankar was their legitimate money.





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