Published On : Fri, Dec 13th, 2019

Beltarodi cops nab ex-collection agent in Rs 5.83 lakh robbery case

Nagpur: Beltarodi police have nabbed a former collection agent of a credit coop society who had robbed the current agent to the tune of Rs 5.83 lakh on September 20, 2019. The accused was spending looted money lanishly and thus gave clues to the trailing cops.

The complainant, Premraj Nanaji Bobde (58), resident of Chinchbhavan, near Datta Mandir, Wardha Road, had lodged a complaint on September 20, 2019.

In his complaint, Premraj told Beltarodi police that his wife is chairperson of Chakradhar Swami Mahila Gramin Bigarsheti Patpuravatha Sanstha Maryadit (Credit Coop Society) and he himself works as Pygmi Agent in the society.

On September 20, 2019, Premraj collected Rs 5.83 lakh and kept the cash in a bag.

Later, he dangled the bag to a hook near dicky of his Activa moped. After sometime, he parked his Activa near Vaishali Medical Stores and went to the shop for recovery of daily collection.

On return, Premraj found the bag missing and hence lodged a complaint with Beltarodi police.

During the probe, cops came to know that the accused Vishal Ramesh Bobde (32), resident of Chinchbhuvan Old Basti, was working as daily collection agent in the society. He left the service few days ago but was found spending money lavishly. On scrutiny of his bank account, cops found lot of money transactions.

On the day of incident, Rs 2.16 lakh were transferred to Vishal’s account from the account of Krishna Restaurant. Cops also scanned CDR of Vishal’s mobile phone and found he was talking frequently with Akash Chaurasiya, owner of Krishna Restaurant.

Following the information, cops detained accused Vishal Bobde and interrogated him. Vishal spilled the beans and confessd he had lifted the bag containing Rs 5.83 lakh for returning borrowed money. Cops have recovered Rs 3.13 lakh out of the stolen money.