Published On : Tue, Nov 6th, 2012

BE revaluation issue- University’s hands legally tied


Nagpur News: While Senate members Abhijeet Wanjari and Manmohan Bajpai have managed to highlight the issue of lackadaisical checking by RTMNU evaluators at the cost of students, the possible solutions to the issue remain a question mark.

The Academic Council of RTMNU will be meeting on Wednesday, November 7 to discuss the issue, while the Management Council will be meeting the next day, on November 8. The main problem at the moment is that it is currently against the rules to revaluate the thousands of answer papers in question, since they had already been sent for revaluation once, and the revaluation has also been challenged by students in view of glaring correction and totalling mistakes having been overlooked. Whether this rule is to be changed or circumvented, considering that the revaluation errors were the fault of the re- evaluators and may cost many students an academic year for no valid reason, will be discussed in the upcoming meetings.

Individual cases in this regard were earlier dismissed by the High Court, and consequently an attempt to rule otherwise, or to amend the Ordinance in question, might earn RTMNU Contempt of Court action.

Meanwhile, students who approached Pariksha Bhavan asking for their copies of answer sheets to be returned, have been refused by the authorities. According to students, they were told that no official orders have been given by University authorities, and hence the photocopies of answer sheets that students submitted for revaluation cannot be given back to them. This has become a further cause of concern for the students, as most of them had expected their copies back and hence have kept an additional photocopy of the photocopy with them. Students who can’t produce a copy of their answer sheet will not be considered for further revaluation.

Senate Members have asked for three days’ time to come up with a solution. Students, meanwhile, have still been gathering at University premises in the hope of immediate answers. A big crowd has been present at the University all day today, and was dispersed by the police in the evening.  The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has now taken an interest in the issue and has been meeting with University officials.