Published On : Fri, Dec 23rd, 2016

Be relevant in politics: BJP to Rahul


New Delhi: Asserting that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is flogging a dead horse in the name of evidence against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Friday advised the former not to make himself a laughing stock, but try to become relevant in politics.

“The problem with Rahul Gandhi is that he wants to flog a dead horse. The horse is dead and that has been decided by nobody but the Supreme Court,” said BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh.

Singh asked Rahul to come up with credible suggestions and introspect on the way he is leading his party.

Another BJP leader Nalin Kohli alleged that the Congress vice-president is just trying to get coverage in the media by making irrelevant allegations against the Prime Minister.

“The Prime Minister has only pointed out the fact. He has pointed out the inadequacy and also the inaccurate manner in which some kind of a campaign is being made against him for no reason. Based on no foundation, which Rahul Gandhi is doing,” he said.

“Rahul is entitled to follow this politics of only allegation for compete with Kejriwal for that space which is the politics of allegation and accusation,” he added.

On Thursday, Gandhi quoting poet Mirza Ghalib said – “har ek baat pe kahte ho tum ki tu kya hai. Tumhi kaho ye andaz-e-guftagu kya hai.”Gandhi said “Make fun of me as much as you want, but at least reply to my questions”.