Published On : Sat, Jan 4th, 2020

Azadi slogans echo at NYO’s anti-CAA protest in Nagpur

Nagpur: A group of around 50 youths belonging to Nagpur Youth Organization (NYO) assembled at Samvidhan Square (RBI Square) on Saturday and staged protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The group, comprising mostly graduates and students, raised “Azadi” slogans to mark the peaceful protest. Banners displaying ‘Save Constitution, defend humanity’, ‘secularism above all’, ‘give people every right, you claim for yourself’ were seen during the protest.

The agitators also chanted “Awaz do… hum ek hai”, and sang “Sare jahan se accha Hindustan hamara” and various poems and songs expressing India’s unity in diversity.

Speaking to Nagpur Today, Yashas Mahajan, President, NYO, said that this is the first ever protest conducted by the organization. Their motive is to provide a platform to the youth who are willing to express their anguish against the discriminatory Act.

The event was supported by Lawyers and Civil society members.

List of the speaker:

Shalaka Bhandarkar
Tuba Sanobar
Adv. Akshay Samarth
Swaroop Bhartiya
Sameer Qadri
Syed Azhar Ali
Aakash Singh
Mayur Thakre

List of organizers

Yashas Mahajan
Preeti Sarve
Tejaswini Kalmegh
Shalaka Bhandarkar
Tuba Sanobar
Swaroop Bhartiya
Ishaan Sahu
Dr Avesh Hasan
Faizan Ahmed Khan
Sameer Qadri
Syed Azhar Ali

Advocates and activists present at the event

Adv. Asif Rehman
Adv. Mir Nagman Ali
Adv. Md. Fazal
Adv. Rahil Mirza
Adv. Anwar.
Milind Deshpande.