Published On : Mon, Jun 10th, 2019

Auto Rickshaw Unions threaten strike to push fare hike demand, shut cabs

New Delhi: Over 10 lakh auto drivers across Maharashtra have threatened to go on indefinite strike from July 9 if their demands are not met by the end of the month.

The strike was declared as a result of negligence over their demand to increase Rickshaw fares. Besides, the union has also demanded curbing of ola, uber or other app-based cab service and a minimum hike of Rs 4 per km till June 3o, currently, the minimum fare is Rs 18.

The union also claimed that the welfare board is not working towards the development of the autorickshaw drivers. The fare hike the union stated, will aid a comprehensive welfare scheme so as to benefit the drivers on pension, PF, and medical assistance as well as to minimise illegal public transport in the state.

The autorickshaw fares have remained the same for nearly three years. The union will submit the demand to Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnaivs and transport minister Diwakar Raote. The autorickshaw is the state’s transport lifeline and a break the services will cripple the daily lives of the public.