Audio Tape Leaked : Nagpur Doctor caught in audio clip with Ambulance operator in MP , lures to bring patients

Nagpur: A viral audio, doing rounds on various whatsapp groups, has once again exposed the notorious commission racket being run by the hospitals running in Nagpur. The audio contains chat transcript between a caller from city’s Green Care hospital and an ambulance service incharge from Parasia, a town in neighbouring district of Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh.

In the audio the Green Care Hospital’s alleged coordinator Urvashi is heard luring the ambulance service group incharge Rinku Chaurasia with instant commission of Rs 10,000 for bringing the patient to their hospital.

Additionally, she also offered 20% commission on total bill of the patient. However instead of getting carried away by the milky offer, Chaurasia who is admin of ambulance service whatsapp group ‘Jaagte Raho’ , chose to stand against the murky practice and lodged the complaint at local police station. He alleged that along with Urvashi, Dr Nilesh Pahune from Green Care hospital also called him up and repeated the same offer.

” Listen audio: Doctor in Conversation with Ambulance incharge”



The veracity of the audio has also been confirmed by Management Head at Green Care Hospital Aadesh Pal, who admitted that the conversation which came out was true and part of commercial strategy. He said, “We have been witnessing a significant fall in the number of outstation patients visiting our hospital. We assumed that the ambulance services might be paid commission. So one of our coordinators Urvashi contacted the ambulance services in Chhindwara which bring patients to Nagpur. Obviously, when we offer commission, extra burden will go on the bills of patients and it is a part of business strategy.”

” Listen audio:”Hospital admin offerring commision”



With the case in point, it is now suffice to establish the fact that the patients being driven to Nagpur hospitals, end up being cheated at the hands of doctors whom they trust the most. Even the hospitals are keeping the cause at bay to commercialize their expertise at the cost of exploitation of patients. Do we have any mechanism in place to check this malpractice in the so called medical hub city of Central India?