Published On : Mon, Oct 21st, 2013

Attempt on life at Sattu Halvai Chowk

Citizens demand closure of Pool Parlour


Nagpur News : In a strange case, the owner of a pool parlour at Satu Halwai Chauk in Kamptee, forced the victim Jitendra Khadse to play pool forcibly. He had challenged him saying no one can defeat me. When the owner started loosing the match, he started to abuse the victim in foul language and then he called his brothers Shiv Sharma, Manoj Sharma, Shushant Sharma and Vinod Sharma. They all joined the owner, tied the victim’s hands and legs and started beating him up with fists, kicks etc. After that they picked up iron rods and started hitting him badly making him bloody. The victim somehow escaped the clutches of these attackers and reached the police station and registered a case against the perpetrators of violence. The accused started showing their influence by quoting big leaders and traders. The victim Jitendra Khadse is being treated at Sub-District Hospital. According to sources, the accused has given his own Pan kiosk on lease and is operating the pool parlor on rent. It is also alleged that he is running various nefarious and criminal activities under the garb of running a pool palace. It seems a few days ago, on the complaint of the citizens, the pool parlour was closed and the pool table was confiscated. But as soon as he was released on bail, the business started back. According to sources, Jitendra Khadse was the principal witness of the case registered against the accused for his nefarious activities. When the accused was arrested and was being taken away, he had threatened saying that you (Jitendra) will be the first wicket to go down. The accused Manoj Sharma was arrested by the DB squad from his house. The police had allegedly made him sit for an hour in the police station and was later released to go home. While going home, the accused had supposedly claimed that even the police cannot do anything to him. All the accused were sleeping at home while the police did not take any appropriate action against the accused.

Nagpur Times correspondent said that because of the pool parlour in that location, many citizens have to face a lots of hassles. There have been many instances where many criminal and antisocial elements gather at this point. Boys from outside this locality too make this regular haunt. In such a condition, the women and girls do not find themselves safe and secure. The citizens have demanded that the pool parlor be closed immediately. The Kamptee police has registered a case under section 294, 324 and 34 of Indian Penal Code for attempt to murder against the accused Manoj Sharma, Shiv Sharma, Shushant Sharma  and Vinod Sharma