Published On : Wed, Aug 17th, 2016

As babus doze, encroachments thrive in Asinagar Zone

NMC Building
With the NMC babus down with lethargic attitude, encroachments in Asinagar Zone are thriving in all its menacing way. The streets have been turned into narrow lanes and by-lanes with horde of encroachments by petty vendors, hawkers and others. A flood of complaints from the citizens to the Assistant Commissioner Vijay Humne were either thrown into waste baskets or disregarded conveniently. The Farookh Nagar Society Road has adequately been “captured” by an encroacher and he reportedly is very close to a BJP leader.

The sulking citizens approached the Municipal Commissioner Shravan Hardikar and apprised him about the menace. In turn, Hardikar directed Humne to act tough against the encroachers but the directives remained only paper or in the airs. Even Iftekhar Ansari of Congress Minorities Cell shot a letter to Hardikar and stated that unless and until the truant Assistant Commissioner of Asinagar Zone is shunted out, riddance of encroachments is not possible. “It is the direct responsibility of the Assistant Commissioner to deal with encroachments and he knows the menace is thriving. But still keeping a low profile for obvious reasons. Hence the guilty must be punished as soon as possible. Else the angry citizens would resort to dharna agitation,” Ansari warned.

Moreover, a company has erected a permanent hoarding since the past 2-3 months just adjacent to Wox Cooler Factory on Koradi Road. Dozens of complaints have been lodged with the Ward Officer in this regard but the pet reply is that the time is short and work is more.

The complainant has demanded immediate suspension of the Ward Officer by Municipal Commissioner and freeing of Asinagar Zone from menacing encroachments.