Published On : Fri, Jul 1st, 2016

Armed goons go on rampage in Imambada, try to assault Congress Corporator Yogesh Tiwari

Assault Congress Corporator Yogesh Tiwari

Nagpur: In an audacious act, a gang of goons including a history-sheeter, attempted to assault Congress Corporator of Prabhag No 49 Guddu alias Yogesh Tiwari on July 1, 2016.

According to sources, the gang of goons including the history sheeter Ashish alias Robert went to Saptagiri Convent in Chandan Nagar and waived the swords in the air. These goons then reached the office of Congress Corporator Prabhag No 49 Guddu alias Yogesh Tiwari at around 1:30 pm on July 1, 2016. They tried to ransack the premises. They hurled abuses at Yogesh Tiwari too. These goons had allegedly enquired from those present in the office, the residential address of Yogesh Tiwari.

The goons then reached the residence of Yogesh Tiwari which is said to be close to his office. According to Yogesh Tiwari, he and his family were present in the first floor when the gang of goons barged into the house. The goon Ashish alias Robert first threatened the elder brother of Yogesh Tiwari, Shailesh Tiwari and said that he has already committed many murders and murdering Yogesh Tiwari would not make any difference. This would also ensure that my name will get reputed.

One of the goons accompanying the history sheeter Ashish @ Robert had allegedly slammed the swords on the floor causing it to bend in an act aimed at threatening and frightening the residents. Another goon had allegedly taken out the pistols from their possession and waived it in the air.

Hearing the screams and shouts, the people of the locality gathered in front of the house. Some of the goons were also present outside the house of Yogesh Tiwari. Just then an auto-rickshaw ferrying school children, passed from the spot. One of the goons slammed the sword on the windscreen of the auto-rickshaw in an attempt to instill fear and panic in the crowd. The windscreen of the auto-rickshaw broke into pieces. However, the driver of the auto-rickshaw sped from the spot with the school children.
Seeing the crowd increasing, the goons then left the place in motorcycles waiving their swords in the air, while the crowd was mute spectator of the entire incident.

Immediately after the goons left the spot, Congress Corporator of Prabhag No 49 Guddu alias Yogesh Tiwari rushed to Imamwada Police Station. There more than 200-300 supporters of Yogesh Tiwari and Congress activists too reached the Imambada Police Station.

Assault Congress Corporator Yogesh Tiwari (1)
While speaking to Nagpur Today, Corporator Yogesh Tiwari said that recently around one month back Imamwada Police Station had apprehended hard-core goon Ashish with swords and country made pistol in his possession. He was charged under Arms Act. However, he was released soon. This hard-core goon Ashish was also allegedly involved in the murder of owner of Galaxy Bar Pradeep Bhoyar. Many cases of body offences are registered against him. The other goons who were accompanying the accused Ashish alias Robert include Maruti, Dudmogare, Bhanja etc.

Sources claimed that these goons had fired in the air, but In-Charge of Imambada Police Station Police Inspector Tawde denied this as rumour and said that this never occurred. Further investigations are underway.

Many senior police officials and personnel from Crime Branch reached the Police Station to assist in the investigation.