Published On : Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

Are you a journalist looking for job? BJP has opening!

New Delhi: At a time when the nation’s economy is seeing its worst, hitting the lowest at 5 per cent during the quarter ended in June, here is the unique job opening for budding reporters. Surprised? Precisely this is what the latest Instagram post of Congress says!

The ad posted by Congress says that BJP is hiring reporters and no salary should be asked as GDP is 5% but the candidate should be capable of reporting something new everyday about the crime, intimidation and harrasment (by BJP).

Taking potshots at the BJP regime Congress has framed special qualifications for the prospective candidate applying for job. The candidate should be reporting on failure of government schemes and also able to take videos to be used against BJP.

And the catch is at the end of the ad – the reporter can be sent to jail if the report turns out to be true!
So guess who all want to apply?