Published On : Tue, Sep 13th, 2016

Are Nagpur’s ‘stagnant’ police writers causing corruption in Deptt?

Nagpur PoliceNagpur:  Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis who also holds state’s home department has been working on some major reforms to bring police department on par with the best and corruption free functioning, and also bring in measures to distress cops from long working hours! However as far as Nagpur police department is concerned, it requires small change to make a big difference!

A survey to most of the police stations in Nagpur hinted at the stagnant police writers sticking to the posts for several years. Suggestions emerged about transferring these police writers serving all the zones to field duty. This would help in reducing the corruption rate as these writers play a key role in milking the ‘prospectives.’
It has been observed that the writer continues on the post for years together while the bosses change in all those official posts which entitle the allotment of a writer. This gives ample opportunity for corruption to nurture in the department.

It is also a fact that, it is the writer who provides information on all profitable or beneficial feedbacks to the official who has been newly transferred to the police station.

Holding the position of a writer of the top boss of the police station for years together entails more respect than the boss itself. At the same time, without thinking about the sensitivity of the situation, the writer who holds-on to the position without any tensions and worries remains to be very profitable since the boss regards him or her with importance and gives him or her a free hand. As a result, many writers are known to enjoy many freedoms and benefits which they avail only because they are writers to the top boss of the Police Station.

That is why some conscientious citizens have requested the Chief Minister to transfer all the writers to field duty from all police stations from all the zones if he wants to rid corruption completely from the police department. This move will also silence the opposition which keeps harping on the corruption in the police department.

What is happening in Zone-V?

Since the very foundation of Zone-V has been laid with the help of some unscrupulous elements, a time has come when the effectivity of “Singham of city police” is being questioned.

It so happened that under a pre-planned move to establish Zone-V, a BJP Minister was searching for a place where the office of the Zone-V could be set-up in the vicinity of Kamptee city area. Two close friends of the Minister identified as Sharma brothers had suggested the bungalow of a person who runs the business of lending money on interest. This person is said to be rotating a major amount of the money which has been invested by Sharma brothers. While one of the Sharma brothers is involved in Cricket betting while the other Sharma brother is said to be a builder. It is alleged that this owner of the bungalow in one who lends money on interest gives the black money of Sharma brothers.

Right from the time that the office of Zone-V was opened in that bungalow, the entire Kamptee area is alleged to be terrorized by the trio (including the Sharma brothers and the owner of bungalow).

Was the office of Zone-V was opened in that bungalow belonging to a person identified as Lodha to protect these criminal elements? That is why Kamptee area does not seem to enjoy peace, law and order since the cops must be under political pressure.

Some conscientious citizens have appealed to the Chief Minister to reign in the criminals and all those who are supporting the criminals in carrying out the criminal activities in Kamptee area. The citizens had also requested CM to direct the authorities to slap stringent MCOCA on criminals similar to Nagpur city which controlled crime to a larger extent.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha (