Published On : Mon, Apr 27th, 2015

API HOLDS CME on “Diabetes, lipids & Ischemic Heart Disease”

Diabetes, lipids & Ischemic Heart Disease”  (3)

Association Of Physician Of India, Vidarbha Chapter   organised a continuing   medical education ( CME) on “Diabetes, lipids & Ischemic Heart Disease” onSundsy 26th April 2015 at  9am at Hotel Centre point.

Dr. Jaspal  Arneja  gave a talk on “Should heart rate be target for better for clinical outcome across Cardio Vascular continuum?” it was presided over by Dr. P.P.Jopshi and Niteen Deshpande.

Dr. Mahesh Fuwani  delivered  a lecture on “Strategies for use of Beta blockers in Hypertension & Coronary artery Disease, Good Guys & Bad Guys.”Dr. Aziz Khan and and Dr. Shankar Vashishta.

Dr. P. P. Deshmukh   spoke  on  “Beta Blockers in Congestive Heart Failure” It was chaired by Dr. Uday Mahorkar.
Dr. Sanjay Naidu discussed “Are we misunderstanding Beta Blockers in Diabetics”  while Dr. Jay Dehmukh highlighted   ”Lipid update 2015”  Dr. Nikhil Balankhe Dr.Shankar Khobragade chaired the former while Dr. Mukesh Mishra and Dr. Ramesh Mundle presided the last lecture.

Diabetes, lipids & Ischemic Heart Disease”  (1)
R.B.  Kalamkar,   President made welcome speech and undrligned the necessity of the inter dependent of hyperglycemia, lipids and heart disease. Dr. Amol Meshram and Dr. Sudhir Chafle conducted teh scientific progrram  & Dr. Anil Modak, Secretary,ksproposed the vote of thanks. Large number of City’s medical fraternity    attended  the CME and livly onteraction took place. Maharashtra Medical Councill.( MMC)  had  accredited the CME and   granted one credit hour to participants .

Diabetes, lipids & Ischemic Heart Disease”  (2)