Published On : Thu, Nov 6th, 2014

Anti-Narcotics Cell seize 2kgs10 grams of Ganja (Cannabis)


Lately, many youth are falling victim to tasting the forbidden drugs. This is not limited to poor youth alone. Many affluent youth too taste these drugs in fancy parties just for the heck of it. There are many shady places known only to a few youth who procure it for the organizers of the parties. This is considered as a very fashionable thing to try-out in these parties.

These drugs cause many youth to venture in the world of crime. In order to prevent such cases the Anti-Narcotics Cell is always on its toes to prevent such sale and purchase of drugs. However, these drugs are still available.

The Anti-Narcotics Cell of the Nagpur Police Crime Branch with an aim to seize and arrest drugs peddlers selling narcotic substances, were checking vehicles and patrolling various parts of the city. During their patrolling, they received a tip off that a young person is in possession of Ganja (Cannabis) for sale.  So they reached the proposed site situated in front of Hotel Deluxe, near Dalda Company Square. Based on the tip, they police officials noticed a 22-25 year old youth wearing a rose-coloured shirt and a stripped pant passing on a scooter at around 8 pm on November 5, 2014. As soon as they saw the youth the cops who were waiting for him surrounded him. On seeing the cops, the youth tried to escape, but was soon apprehended.   When asked to identify himself, the accused claimed that his name was Dharmendra alias Roshan Suresh Hatwar aged 23 years. He said that he was a resident of Itwari, Lalganj Telipura, Nagpur. On frisked his body and his bag, the cops found two kilograms and 10 grams of wet Ganja (Cannabis), Rs 150 in cash and a vehicle totaling around Rs 27550/-.

The Anti-Narcotics Cell registered a case against the accused under sections 20 and 29 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 (NDPS Act).

The entire operation was conducted under the guidance of Assistant Commissioner of Police Nilesh Raut was carried out by Police Inspector Panditrao Sonawane, PSI Mustaq Sheikh, Police Hawaldar Ganesh Lade, Nayak Police Constable Kishore Mahant, Dutta Guggal, Ganesh Gugulkar, Nitin Rangne, Nitin Tiwari, WPC Rubina Sheikh and Hawaldar Naresh Shingne.