Published On : Fri, Aug 16th, 2019

Announce relief package for small & marginal traders in flood affected areas of state : Dipen Agrawal

A delegation of Chamber of Associations of Maharashtra Industry and Trade (CAMIT) Nagpur led by Dipen Agrawal President called upon Dr. Parinay Fuke Minister of State for Public Wors (excluding Public Undertaking), Forest and Tribal Development, Government of Maharashtra, representing the hardship of small and marginal traders affected by the recent flood in western Maharashtra.

At the outset Dipen Agrawal felicitated and congratulated Dr. Parinay Fuke on taking charge as Minister of State in Maharashtra Government . The delegation discussed various aspects of the flood in western Maharashtra due to extremely vicious rainfall. Highlighting the misery being faced by the business community of Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara and other parts of Maharashtra he drew the attention of Dr. Fuke towards the existential crisis of traders who have been affected by the unprecedent flood. There is huge loss of business as all their socks have been ruined due to goods being submerged in the flood waters entering in their shops and godowns. The small and marginal traders of the flood affected areas are finding it difficult to maintain their families leave apart their employees. There is damage to essential infrastructure i.e. roads, power, telephone coupled with shortage of essential commodities. There is chances of epidemic outbreak due to mortals remains of livestock and domestic animals perished in floods.

In the given situation it will take three to five years for the small and marginal traders to re-establish themselves and return to normal living. Delegation informed Dr. Fuke that in times of natural calamities all the efforts and resources of government are targeted in giving relief to limited sect of society and the trading community is left on their own to overcome their loss and pain, they remain the most neglected sect of the society.

Dipen Agrawal requested Dr. Fuke to take stock of the hardship of the common man in general and small and marginal traders in particular from the flood affected areas and extend a helping hand. He suggested few measures so as to enable the business community for fast recovery from the prevailing grim situation. He demanded that infrastructure should be restored on top priority. The government should announce waiver of power charges for a year , relaxation in corporation/property tax for next five years . Waiver of loan & interest upto 10 lacs . The requirement of filing GST returns and payment of tax thereof should be relaxed without imposing any late fee.

Dr. Parinay Fuke after giving a patient hearing to the delegation expressed his solidarity for the citizens and trading community from the area affected by the floods. He informed that recently in the meeting of officers of PWD chaired by him a decision has been taken to restore/rebuild the infrastructure on top priority. He further assured the delegation to take up all the suggestions with the State government & Hon’ble Chief Minister,Devendra Fadnavis and leave no stone unturned to bring relief for the small and marginal traders in the flood affected areas of the state .

Dipen Agrawal expressed gratitude on behalf of trading community of Maharashtra towards Dr. Parinay Fuke for the paitent hearing and assurance for extending unconditional helping hand to traders in their hard times. Prominently Sarvashri Abhishek Thakur, Laxmikant Agrawal, Promod Agrawal and Ashok Ahuja were part of the delegation. Vote of thanks was proposed by Ashok Ahuja .