Published On : Sat, Oct 17th, 2020

Anesthesiologist – An Important Pillar in Healthcare

Hey Doc, I am very anxious about my operation. I do not want to be awake during operation. How will I bear the pain during and after my operation? Doctor, my child is small and very much frightened. How can the child withstand the operation?

So many questions pop up in the minds of patients or parents of children scheduled for the surgery. One must know that one specialist in the medical field has actual answers to all types of such questions and that specialist is an Anesthesiologist.

16th October is a very special day for the Anesthesiology fraternity as anesthesiologists all over the world celebrate this day as World Anesthesia Day. This day commemorates the first successful public demonstration of effect of Ether Anesthesia by WTG Morton on 16 October 1846 at Massachusatts General Hospital, Boston, USA.

Talking to The HITAVADA, Dr Saurabh Barde, President of Indian Society of Anesthesiologists, Nagpur City Branch explained that Anesthesia is a controlled process wherein all the types of sensations are temporarily inhibited in isolated parts of the body of the person undergoing surgery or complete unconsciousness is induced so that the person is not aware of the surroundings or both the techniques are employed simultaneously. He further stated that anesthesiology as a specialty has grown leaps and bounds with advancement in available Anesthetic medication, monitoring standards, various gadgets and skills of Anesthesia clinicians. As a result, outcomes after most complicated surgeries in patients with multiple organ dysfunctions have improved tremendously.

Honorary Secretary of ISA Nagpur City Branch, Dr Deepak Madankar stated that the reason for improved outcomes in complicated patients and surgeries is due to multifaceted training and experience of managing Intensive Care Units, good post operative pain management leading to better rehabilitation.

Anesthesiologists apart from managing anesthesia in operating rooms, are handling ICUs and Pain management clinics, involved in research activities, gadgets innovation, artificial intelligence and simulation techniques in anesthesia, basic life support training of general population and charitable activities like surgical camps.

Dr Naresh Tirpude, Dean of Government Medical College, Gondia informed that Anesthesia specialty in India started identifying itself from 1919 and now stands tall amongst its predecessor specialty branches. This became more evident during Corona pandemic as most of the government facilities which are handling moderate to severe Covid patients in critical areas are being looked after by the anesthesiologists . Dr Tirpude further emphasised the fact that anesthesiologists should no more be considered as ‘behind the curtains’ clinicians.

Dr Barsagade, Head of anesthesiology department GMC Nagpur was of opinion that having experience of managing dysfunctions of almost all organ systems during anesthesia, the anesthesiologists could handle Covid patients efficiently.

Head of the Department of Anesthesiology in IGGMC, Dr Vaishali Shelgaonkar pointed out that the role of anesthesiologists in the ongoing pandemic was not restricted only to clinical management of Covid patients. In fact, they were involved as part of Task Force group looking after administrative part in setting up of advanced Covid facility and arranging for every requirement which was necessary for treatment of Covid patients. She further said that managing Covid operation theatres was altogether different compared to routine anesthesia work.

Dr Anjali Bhure, Head, Department of Anesthesiology, NKPSIMS, also told that in their institute also, anesthesiologists were instrumental in setting up of Covid care facilities including ICU and operation theatre. She further stated that doctors of other branches and paramedical staff were also trained by Anesthesiologists in the various aspects of Covid treatment including proper methods of donning and doffing of PPEs.

Anesthesiologists are indeed a very important pillar in the healthcare system. Today we celebrate the world anaesthesia day with a goal to provide highest standards of anaesthetic treatment, care and safety for surgical patients.