Published On : Tue, May 5th, 2020

Anees Ahmed submits deputation to CM to extend Lockdown till Eid.

Ex Cabinet Minister Dr. ANEES AHMED today sent a deputation to CM Udhav Thakrey urging him to extend the coronavirus lockdown in Maharashtra specially in hot spots and in Red Zone for the entire month of Ramzan till May 24.

“Care should be taken that the lockdown should not be lifted till May 24, the day when Ramzan month ends. If it is lifted on May 17, a time when corona will be ripening to its peak in India, allegations would be leveled again on Muslims (as seen in the case of Tablighi Jamaat followers).

Muslim Community would become a soft target for the media and they will level allegations like, people from Muslim community are crowding markets, holding iftar parties and prayer gathering, giving rise to corona clusters in area.

Anees Ahmed also appealed to the Muslim community members to take a pledge to exclude

our materialism and gloating and be mindful of the underprivileged around us. Let’s say no to excessive and unnecessary shopping for Eid. Keeping in mind the current situation due to the ongoing lockdown for Covid-19, most of us are at home, but the poor and needy are left to fend for themselves without a job as everything is shut down,” he said.

Stating that it was disheartening to see so many people face difficulties in fulfilling their daily needs, Anees asked the Muslims to donate as much as they could towards the daily expenses of the poor. “The money that we spend on our extravagance, can be used to help a family survive and live without this fearful uncertainty,”

Dr. ANEES AHMED advised against extravagance and in favour of saving for the future. “Please save the money and realise that in future, we may need money for medicines, food and EDUCATION, he reminded the community members.

Lastly Anees said that government is taking various steps to control the spread of Covid 19. From nurses to doctors, sweepers to civic commissioners and home guards to police commissioners — all are working tirelessly to contain the virus for the welfare and safety of all. As human beings, we should look after the well being of each other and it is our responsibility to support the government in this fight.

We should from the confinement of home must ask Allah the Almighty to accept all our prayers to protect humanity from this epidemic and bring India back to its feet.