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    Published On : Sat, Jun 10th, 2017

    Amol Deshmukh’s hoarding claims to be a point of attraction

    Amol Deshmukh
    Seeing Congress legislator Sunil Kedar from Savner surrounded by all-round hurdles, his fanatical political foe son Amol Deshmukh has started spreading his Predominance in Savner assembly constituency. In this order Deshmukh’s hording at Patansawangi has become the topic of discussion in the entire area and district.

    In the 2002 the financial scam of hundreds of crores in Nagpur Central Co-operative Bank was mastered by non other than Sunil Kedar. After fetching some ease from government and the court for last 15 years,Kedar has finally tired and lost mentally and physically. He did not get relief from the court and on the otherhand a section of the Opposition government has trying to end Kedar’s political career and send him home. Kedar has simply gave up instead struggling and proving himself unimpeachable in the above case.

    With this in mind, Amol Deshmukh son of Kedar’s staunch opponent Ranjit Deshmukh, is said to have started predominating the entire assembly region. Anyway Savner has More supporters and followers of Deshmukh family than Kedar’s.

    In last assembly polls Kedar was a candidate from the Congress in the election, then Ashish, the elder son of Deshmukh was seeking the ticket from BJP. After knowing this Kedar, recommended his supporter leader in the BJP and gave him the candidature of Katol. In the last elections, Kedar was the only Congress MLA from the to be elected, but still the Shiv Sena candidate didn’t missed any chance to chase him.

    This time, BJP has been trying its best to capture the entire seat of the district alongside send their largest political foe Kedar to home. They have only one reason, to send Kedar to home on the basis of a judicial blast in Kedar’s bank scam. For this, a BJP faction is very active.

    As the intentions of the government were seen, Deshmukh’s family, has been active in Savner region. Even if Kedar remains in a position to stand in the next assembly election, his path will not be easy. His condition, is like former Congress minister Satish Chaturvedi, day-to-day decline in population. Today, the situation of Chaturvedi is that he spends crores to get elction seat and lose by thousands of votes.

    It is noteworthy that the politics of Amol whos is new political career is prominent, apart from being young, there is an ‘impresive impulse’ in him. If Kedar is unable to contest an election, then the Congress can have him as the ultimate alternative. On the other hand, Kedar has a high level relations with the allies, but today, they are being seen unable to get Kedar out of his tensions.


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