Published On : Fri, Aug 25th, 2017

Amidst the blame games, farmers of Mahadula yearn for proper electricity supply

Bawankule and Mahavitaran
Power Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule’s declaration to establish a sub-station of 44 KV in Mahadula is being openly defied by the concerned authorities. Considering the power shortage in the area, Bawankule had approved the establishment of the sub-station capacity in a letter around two years back, as informed by Uday Singh, Chief Secretary, Nagpur District Rural Congress Committee.

As a result of this defiance, it is the farmers of the area who are suffering. They are compelled to adjust with low voltage electricity supply. On the occasion of inauguration of another sub-station, in 2015, he had announced that a similar station will be started in the village. The declaration was also supported by regional legislator Mallikarjun Reddy, back in 2016.

It seems to be a neglect of administrative orders that even after two years of its declaration, the construction has not even commenced. What brings the matter in the loop of perplexity is that after a meet with Chief Engineer Rafeeq Shaikh, Uday Singh was informed that any such sub-station has not even been approved. Now the farmers remain hanging in a state of confusion to clarify the end from where the mendacity has originated.

Uday Singh has warned the power ministry and distribution company that in case of failure of resolution of these issues, aggressive protests will be carried out.