Published On : Wed, Oct 3rd, 2012

NMC hospital’s chairperson’s husband alleges corruption worth crores in NMC Health dept.

Nagpur NMC News : NMC hospital’s chairperson Safalta Ambatkar’s husband Dr. Yahwant Ambatkar on Tuesday while in a press conference at Patrakar Bhavan has alleged that the health department of NMC is currently caught amidst corruption involving Crores of rupees  and that the current ruling party is pressurizing the authorities to subdue the matter and not let this issue see daylight. He informed that after Safalta Ambatkar to the reins of  the NMC health department, the facts about the corruption involving Crores of Rupees have unfurled. Ambatkar disclosed that NMC is purchasing low and bad quality medicines and is toying with the lives of innocent citizens. He said that not even 25% of the medicines could be used for treating patients. Other medicines don’t reach the health department. He also said that these kinds of dealings involve Crores of Rupees. Ambatkar has demended a CID or CBI probe into this matter. Social Workers Namdev Kodape and Surekha Kombade were also present during the press conference.

Tushar Muthal