Published On : Fri, Jan 3rd, 2020

Always give back something to your school: PBVV Reunion Get Together

Nagpur: It all started in 2017 from an alumni gathering attended by Dr. Asmita Dhakde and Minal Kawle, arranged by Archana Joshi Mam, the Principal of Pt. Baccharaj Vyas Vidyalaya, Nagpur.

Pt Baccharaj Vyas Vidyalaya, Nagpur, has a glorious history and is proud Alma matter to its students.

Time of 2 years passed and while reconnecting with old schoolmates on social media; Asmita suddenly clicked why shouldn’t all batchmates reunite and relive one day in school as a student. So the first message was dropped by Asmita in girls WhatsApp group “school katta” – GT (Get Together) kare kya??” And the instant reply in the form of call by Vidyashree Balpande – “why not!!!”

This was the point where they decided to make it happen for their classmates to come together and spend time with each other in person.. And the plan of reunion of batch 1999 was declared formally & for that they asked for help to Shailesh, Harshada, Sarang, Bhagyashree, Ameya, Paresh and Neeraj and they also gladly accepted.

After the formation of core committee, there was a mammoth task of finding the long lost friends. It almost became a mission to search for the friends spread all over the globe and get reconnected. Social media proved to be of great assistance in this mission. Most of the long lost batch mates were found and a WhatsApp group by name ‘PBVV Girls and boys’ was formed. Girls and boys who as students never talked to each other were chatting like besties. PBVV students are spread all across the globe. The students from US, Germany, Canada, Gulf countries all joined together to the group during their respective time lines and the group became live 24X7. With 2-3 thousand messages every 24 hours, it was like tsunami of messages on group. A tsunami everyone eagerly waiting for. ‘We do not remember the days; we remember moments & When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things – not the great occasions – that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness.’

As a gesture of thankfulness, students expressed their desire to give something back to their school which has given so much to them. Archana Joshi suggested the options of renovation of the school rooms and adoption of needy students by taking responsibility of their educational needs. Both the options were welcome with the students…one section “K” Chose to help the school with renovation of school rooms and Shailesh Kadu took the responsibility to make it happen as soon as possible. While the other “Kh” section opted for the path of social welfares. They adopted 10 needy students from school to pay for their expenses till the matriculation along with supporting the school library with essentials and books. So everyone contributed equally or as per their wishes and a budget is made.

For that many meetings held by a core team, and the meeting is called as MINI GT. After meeting the lost friends after so long year everyone understood that – There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

Finally, all contributions received and a function prospectus was made accordingly all arrangements were made by Core team. Everyone was damn excited for the Reunion Get Together to be held on 28th December at PBVV School & a Gala Party on December 29, 2019 at Hotel Tuli Imperial.

On the day 28th December everyone reunited at School at morning 10 am, everybody grownups, professionals, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs but met like a school buddies. A happy memory is a hiding place for unforgotten treasures. Everyone looking around the school classrooms, playgrounds, surrounding area & also met with all the School Teachers.

Everyone gathered into school ground. All in one Line – Boys & girls each. And participated into the school Prayer after 20 long year. Such a nice feeling it was!!

Dr. Shailendra Lende gave a welcome speech & told the importance of – The school, education & good upbringing of teachings by our Teachers & thanked them by heart.

Then everyone gathered to the classroom which was renovated by the collection of reunion & the room was inaugurated by Joshi Mam. Warhadpande sir took the attendance of the class & everyone shown their presence by calling “Yes Sir”.

In the auditorium Room on the stage Joshi Mam, Ex Principal Kharpate sir , Dixit Sir, Varhadpande Sir were felicitated and given their important speeches. Dr. Amey & Dr. Neeraj were managing the program. Felicitation of other Teachers Like Gabhane sir, Bondre sir, Vyawhare sir, Joshi mam (Mothya),. Ramteke mam, Kolhekar mam done by respective students. Many of the importance points all teachers pointed about, the need of education, always giving something to your school any form, always respect & give back to school, be well mannered & be a good human being for self, surrounding and society. That was a priceless guidance.

Ashutosh Joshi expressed his experience towards all. Vote of thanks given by Dr. Harshada & Shalini.
Brought so many memories after the program held at school. Memories are the threads that hold together the patchwork of friendship.

On 29th December everyone was waiting for the party. All batchmates gathered on time.

Friendship is what we are looking for was the theme of our program and Aaho!! All we classmates proved it and enjoyed each pal with laughter and old memories. Pulling leg of each other, appreciating professional achievements, knowing about families, personal hobbies- made the day more mesmerizing. Chick bone were absolutely given us the extra limit to pull widely and hold d hands together to live in moment singing the song with one more resolution -Zindagi Milke bitaenge..

When all this was happening, the other side of the party was enjoying capturing memories in camera. Tapping together to rock the floor, sharing mike without practice couldn’t be possible without the trust of our friendship & our techno gen. Various games united us & show us that we the only one chain holding own different colors & shape. Many games were organized like “Fish Pond” & “Odd man out”. Everyone sang their liked songs and danced on their themes. Special unforgettable performance done by Shailesh, Vaibhav S, Nitin, Apurva & Rohit & that took the party on. Gifts & prizes were distributed. Everyone reunited for lifetime experience. Also some batchmates from abroad were ONLINE through Webchat & were enjoying the moment. After Lunch Deval made one good video about all the memories from childhood to the happening of this program with songs for friendships & everyone got so much emotional and a big thank to him for that Video Play.

So both functions were up to the mark and all arrangements done by core team was up to the mark and tremendous hard work done by them & especially Shalesh Kadu who done everything on the right track.

Reunion of 10th batch,
Friendship don’t need any match,
The teacher students moments to catch,
Everything flown in the rhythmic scratch,
We do not remember days; we remember moments. Cheers!!

By Asmita Dhakde & Harshal Ramteke