Published On : Fri, Feb 26th, 2016

Alleged BJP man wields naked sword in Nagpur to show his love for nation!


Image taken from FB account of rakesh.gandhi.52090

Nagpur: Intolerance, the hot buzzword of current times in India, has certainly become the face of every expression. In Nagpur, too intolerance has been fascinating twitterattis, social media fellows and equally inspiring thoughts of columnists, political leaders and a large section of media, not the least, the common people too! A man who claims his association with BJP and BJYM Vyapari Aghadi in Nagpur is taking the word ‘intolerance’ to an all new level. On the Facebook page of Rakesh Gandhi, you can see him wielding a naked sword at the city’s busy place.

Complimenting his gesture with the poetic recital in praise of ‘Bharat Mata’ Rakesh Gandhi created his perception of the freedom of expression in the modern Indian terms in which ‘intolerance’ rules the roost. By showing such a daredevilry, he came out with the undertoned message – Intolerance is the new form of Democracy!

Showing off his ‘valor of intolerance’ Rakesh Gandhi appeared free from all fears… fear of law, fear of police and court as he boldly brandishes his ammo. Just a plain, carefree form of expression! And the words are – Main Jhuk nahi sakta, main shourya akhand bhaag hoon, jalaa de dushman ki rooh tak, main wahi Hindustan ki aag hoon…mat chhedo hum Hindustaniyon ko, hamse ladna mushkil hoga, varna likhenge aisa itihaas ki padhna bhi mushkil hoga. Bharat Mata ki Jai Vande Matram

And its English version – I cannot bend as I am integrated arm of valor… The one who can blaze even the soul of enemy, I am the fire of Hindustan. Stay away from bothering us as it would be a trouble fighting with us….Otherwise we will script yet another history which would difficult to read… Long live Mother India. Long Live Mother Nation.

Anyone watching!