All time pass and no work gets NMC employees their full salary

Nagpur: The alert citizens have appealed to the Municipal Commissioner, ruling party and other party leaders, if Nagpur has to be turned into a smart city then they must put an end to the apathetic attitude of Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) employees and be firm on it. The NMC employees have been conveniently avoiding their work. The work given by the administration is never completed and if the employees are rebuked and transferred then their white collared saviour come to their rescue and the action taken against them is immediately stopped. When the employees agitate for increasing their salaries there too the saviours are ready to put pressure on administration to get their demands fulfilled or at least get assurance for them.

Seats often found vacant

It may be mentioned that there are so many employees in various departments of NMC who are least interested in work. If their performance is evaluated it would be zero. The employees are never found on their seats but instead outside the office and often have excuses ready. Along with the employees their supporters are also enjoying. The work in NMC is going on because of the contractors and ad-hoc employees.

Get their departments as per choice
Most of the employees are supposed to work in their given departments but they are found working in some other department for their convenience. They have even asked the administration to mention that they may have been appointed and promoted in Town planning or other department but they are given some other department. This is going on because they have the support of white collared saviours.

Teachers never seen in classrooms
The teacher working in NMC schools and often agitating for getting benefits are never seen in the classrooms. Since there is no punching machine for attendance all are seen enjoying here. Some teachers and employees of Education Department are happy in other departments but they get their salaries as per their department.

Employees in debt

NMC employees are head over heels in debt due to the loans taken but still they are the first one to take personal loan from NMC banks.