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    Published On : Tue, Sep 9th, 2014

    All Roads Lead to Death : Filling patches will not solve any problem Mr. Shyam Wardhane!

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    Agreed, that Nagpur is riding on the road to development but development of road has certainly hit the rock bottom. It’s true that the condition of roads across the city is in the worst condition ever in the known history of Nagpur. Never ever have been the city streets so pitiable that has turned the daily commuting a topsy-turvy and more recently, a deadly ride. While on one hand, Nagpur is being considered for bringing it on par with the top growing cities in the country with ambitious metro rail and mono rail projects, but it is remarkable lacking the basic ground for development.

    Ironically, every official and so called leaders in NMC or public representatives have maintained a dead silence over the prevailing issue, that has become the major cause of distress among the citizens.

    A ride through any road in the city, especially on a two-wheeler would definitely acquaint the rider with a spine and bone shattering one. Many senior citizens who have been riding two-wheelers told Nagpur Today that they have developed spondylitis because of the constant jerks to the spine and neck. In some recent cases even deaths were reported as a result of bumpy rides on the worsened roads.

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    Out of our concern for the worst ever condition of city roads keeping the commuter’s life at risk, Nagpur Today will run a series over this and question each and every concerned leader about how and where they stand over this issue.

    Roads vanished in just four months
    The pot holes and places where the tarring was done in a superficial manner before the Lok Sabha elections to please the citizens, have worsened as the superficial fillings had come off with the first rain itself. Many small pot holes have since become big and fatal. Whenever it rains heavily, water gets accumulated in the pot-holes practically rendering it to be invisible. Any two-wheeler rider can lose his balance and meet with fatal mishap. (Many have happened too).

    Nagpur Today spoke to Commissioner of Nagpur Municipal Corporation Shyam Wardhane about the state of the roads.

    NMC boss only concerned on filling pot holes
    Shyam Wardhane said that since he owes the responsibility toward the citizens of Nagpur city to provide good roads, he has already directed the concerned officials of each ward to identify such pot-holes and to get them repaired soon. He added that they have already started employing the services of the Jet-Patcher Machine accompanied by the Hot-Mix plant to repair the pot-holes and places on the road where the tarring has come-off. While answering to query on gravel and sand which is found on most roads, which causes vehicles (two-wheelers) to slip and fall, he said that the Safai Karamcharis (sweepers) have been directed to sweep the gravel, collect them and send it to the Hot Mix Plant of NMC.

    Road from Bhole Petrol Pump to Maharajbagh on broad day-light

    Road from Bhole Petrol Pump to Maharajbagh on broad day-light

    Roads will be kept clean, when it will exist…
    However, Shyam Wardhane also mentioned that the people’s participation in keeping the roads, clean is solicited. He added that civic sense has to come from the heart and one should consciously make an effort to adhere to abide by the civic rules. What impressed Nagpur Today, was the fact that he did not deny that the roads are in bad condition, nor did he pass the buck onto somebody else, He said that he is responsible for getting the roads repaired and he is on the job.

    The fine-granules of granite and the dust making driving on these roads a dangerous stunt.

    The fine-granules of granite and the dust making driving on these roads a dangerous stunt.

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