Published On : Sun, Jun 8th, 2014

All Gorewada WTP’s faced power tripping’s,Low pressure supply in ‘South-West’ Nagpur

SNDL power tripping’s affected water supply of LaxmiNagar (Old), Khamla, Pratap Nagar and Takli Sim ESR’s

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Power tripping’s at Orange City Water’s (OCW) at Pench-I, II and III Water Treatment Plant (WTP) at Gorewada by power distribution company SNDL, is depriving citizens of South-West Nagpur, especially those receiving water supply from Laxmi Nagar Old, Khamala, Pratap Nagar and Takli Sim ESR’s of precious potable water supply.

In last two days, June 6 and 7 respectively, all WTP’s at Gorewada faced tripping’s from SNDL, on June 6 , tripping of 20 minutes (from 18.15 hrs to 18.35 hrs) while on June 7 , a 10 minute tripping (from 18.30 hrs to 18.40 hrs).

Though the tripping period was only for 10 & 20 minutes but due to tripping, the water levels of ESR’s like Laxmi Nagar Old ESR, Khamla ESR, Takli Sim ESR & Pratap Nagar ESR which were under supply at that period was reached its lowest levels and supply was badly affected in the following areas and its post effects remains on those areas whose supply period is after the tripping period
i.e in evening hours after 6 pm.

Normally after a small tripping of even a 5 minutes and after restart of pumping to reach the required flow rate of water from the feeder main pipelines it will take more than two & half hours period after the pumping was restarted.

The areas affected due to power tripping at Gorewada WTP’s are:

1. Laxmi Nagar Old ESR – Ramkrishna Nagar, West Samarth Nagar, Swatantra Colony, Vivekanand nagar, Hindustan Colony, NIT Layout, Ajani, Tatya Tope Nagar, Part of Atre Layout, Srhraddhanandpeth, Madhav Nagar, Abhyankar Nagar, Bajaj Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Gittikhadan layout, P & T colony, Vasant Nagar, Rahate Colony, Neharu Nagar, LIC Colony etc.

2. Khamla ESR – Sahakar Nagar, Gajanandham, Jaiprakash Nagar, Pande Layout, Yogakshem nagar, some part of new Sneh Nagar, Sita nagar

3. Takli Sim ESR – Nilkamal Society, Rajendra Nagar, Lumbini Nagar,Vasudev Nagar, Subhash Nagar & Area along the hingna road.

4. Pratap Nagar ESR – Gadam layout, Gudhe layout, Ingle layout, Pryadarshni nagar, Some part of Trimurti nagar, Loksewa nagar.

It may be mentioned here due to such excessive power tripping’s by SNDL citizens are facing problems and are compelled to live with either restricted or no water supply.

For any other information or complaints regarding water supply please contact
OCW Toll Free Number: 1800-266-9899