Published On : Fri, Dec 27th, 2019

All dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them

Same is the story of Nikita Pure, age 19 years,a girl from small village,Pahlepar, which is around 40 kms from Nagpur. Her father is a farmer. They had a bad childhood due to acute financial crisis in their family. Nikita and her sister used to always discuss as to how and when they could start supporting their family and come out of this financial crisis.

Due to their financial problems, they had to seek loans from money lenders which used to be a burden. On top of that Nikita have heart problem which caused trouble in breathing and this lead to difficulties in handling her daily chores. This too has medicalexpense.

One day, one of her friend from same village shared the information of ICICI Academy for Skills, Nagpur centre. First, she couldn’t believe that anything like this does exist with so much support for training and placement. The very next day, she reached the academy and got her counseling session.Nikita said“The counseling was so good that I started dreaming about a better future for me and my family. I was very thrilled and immediately decided to join the course.”

While going regularly to the academy, she had health problem and shewas admitted twice during the course but she didn’t lose hope and continued her training with dedication. Her trainers also supported a lot and always encouraged her. During the course, shelearnt lot many things from communication to grooming and etiquette but the best part she said, she learnt was to never lose hope.

Soon after the course,Nikita with support ofISA- Nagpur could manage to join Fiesta Services but she could manage to serve only for one month as she had medical treatment going on.

Then her academy gave her a second chance and shejoint Cogent E services. She has now started supporting her family. Her health has also improved due to proper treatments

She also encouraged her sister, Khushboo Pureto join the same course. She has also completed the course successfully and joined Gati Ltd.

She busted out of tears and said “I would always be thankful to the teachers of the academy and ICICI Foundation for their immense support and guidance. Their guidance and motivation helped me and my sister to pursue our dreams and support our family financially as well as emotionally.”

ICICI Foundation has been transforming lives since its inception in 2008. Till date, they have helped nearly 3.8 lakh underprivileged people across India to earn sustainable livelihood by providing them with free-of-cost skill development training.