Published On : Tue, Jun 29th, 2021

Alarming! Nagpur reports highest Black Fungus cases, deaths in Maharashtra

Nagpur: While Maharashtra, one of the worst affected states by the Coronavirus, is battling with the deadly Black Fungus or Mucormycosis infections which targets Covid patients with co-morbidities like diabetes and is dangerous, even after one recovers from Covid, alarm bells rang for District Administration here, as the Second Capital of the State has reported the maximum cases of mucormycosis due to Covid-19 in state. The number of deaths in the district is also among the highest in the state.

The state, which had recorded 7,998 cases with 729 deaths till June 6, has reported a steady rise in cases of Black Fungus infections.

Till date, the state has reported a total of 8,646 cases of mucormycosis with the highest numbers in Nagpur, 1,395 and Pune, 1,269. Aurangabad has the third highest number of cases, at 945, according to a state analysis of cases till June 24.

The most number of Black Fungus infection and related fatalities have been reported from Nagpur and Pune with Aurangabad logging the third highest number of cases – 951 cases with 81 deaths.

Nagpur has recorded 1,395 cases of Black Fungus so far with 112 deaths, followed by Pune where 1,269 cases have been found with 96 deaths. The country’s financial capital Mumbai has reported 571 cases with 56 deaths.

Mucormycosis, which can lead to blurred or double vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties in patients, among other symptoms, is strongly linked to diabetes.

The infection, which is worsened by the overuse of steroids, can start in the skin and invade the sinuses and other parts of the face. It requires surgery, if it’s not controlled with anti-fungal therapy. Without treatment, it can cause a lethal bloodstream infection resulting in death.