Published On : Wed, Aug 20th, 2014

Air India flight leaves behind 25 passengers at Nagpur airport; shifts its fault to passengers

Nagpur News.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport here witnessed quite an uproar on Wednesday morning when a Mumbai bound Air India flight took off the runaway leaving behind around 20-25 passengers stranded on airport despite them having confirmed boarding passes. These passengers were forced to miss their morning 8.30 flight on Wednesday. Later all the passengers created noisy scenes and some even called up media. Later it came out that it was a blunder committed by Air India itself.

However the government airline’s local authorities initially cited delay in arrival of the passengers as the reason behind the glitch. The authorities said that the flight gates were closed by the time these passengers arrived. However, later it surfaced that the authorities were trying to cover their goof up by holding the passengers responsible. It was revealed that the flight that came from Mumbai was only 120 seaters instead of 144 seaters.

“In order to hide their glitch the executives at the counters refused to give our boarding passes, citing the reason that the boarding gates have been closed. Most of us were infuriated as we know the timings very well. We all were well within time bracket as most of us are regular flyers.” informed Prashant Shende who is a builder and used to take this flight regularly owing to his frequent visit to Mumbai.

Another passenger informed that when the executives sensed that the excuse of flight door closed would no longer work in their favour they started shifting the blame to the technical error.

“However truth remained that Air India has committed the glitch and refused to accept its mistake. Since the flight that came could not hold the required capacity of passengers, so they came up with silly excuses of delay and later blaming it on system error.”

The passengers kept insisting the airlines authorities but they did not accept their fault till the end.

Meanwhile Nagpur Today tried contacting Air India officials but they remained unavailable for the comment.

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