Published On : Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

Accused held in Kiran Talyani suicide case deferred bail till April 30

Kiran Talyani suicide case
:  In what could be considered as remarkable, the esteemed Judge today i.e. April 27, 2016, deferred the bail of the accused till April 30, 2016 and had sent all the accused to Police Custodial Remand.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Advocate Prakash Rawlani who pleaded before the Judge for the State along with Senior Advocate Ramesh Rawlani said that he had requested the esteemed court to deny the bail applications of the deceased since they may destroy evidence.

According to Advocate Prakash Rawlani, when he went to the house (where the deceased had allegedly committed suicide) along with the family members of the deceased, they found the dining table broken. The suicide was allegedly done in the bedroom. They found the rope (allegedly used for committing suicide) cut but no signs or presence of any rope fibre on the ceiling fan. They also noticed many injury marks on the face and the hands.

Advocate Prakash Rawlani added that the Jaripatka Police had registered a case under sections 498 (A) and 306 of Indian Penal Code. However, the cops conveniently omitted to add Section 304 (B) Dowry to the case.

While arguing in the court, Advocate Prakash Rawlani informed the court that the in-laws had demanded Rs 10 lakhs as dowry and had been pressurizing the deceased so the Section 304 (B) (Dowry) should be added to the case register.

The esteemed Judge while deferring bail to the accused has directed the Jaripatka Police to add the Section 304 (B) to the case and present a fresh case file

Advocate Prakash Rawlani claimed that the Post Mortem report will make it amply clear if this was a case of murder or suicide.

It could be mentioned here that a married woman had died in mysterious circumstances. The in-laws of the deceased had claimed that their daughter-in-law committed suicide by hanging herself. However, her parents and brother reached Jaripatka Police Station and alleged that the in-laws have murdered their daughter.

After this incident, cops of Jaripatka Police Station arrested 4 persons besides the husband of the deceased.

Sources claimed that the deceased identified as Kiran Deepak Talyani aged 27 years and a resident of Flat No 125, Kukreja Nagar had committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope to the ceiling fan.

On the basis of the complaint lodged by the husband of the deceased Deepak Lalchand Talyani, the Jaripatka Police Station registered a case of accidental death.

However, the family members (parents) of the deceased allege that the in-laws are responsible for the death of the deceased.

On Tuesday i.e. April 26, 2016, the family members of the deceased had gone to the house of the in-laws and had expressed their anger.

The cops of Jaripatka Police Station arrested the husband, mother-in-law and the sister-in-law of the deceased from their residence while the father-in-law was arrested from the crematorium. The brother of the deceased Sumit Chelwani has alleged that his sister has not committed suicide but was killed. He expressed his suspicions on the mother-in-law of the deceased. According to Sumit, the deceased had come to her maternal home 15 days ago. He had claimed that his sister had reported that she was being beaten-up in her in-laws house. Sumit also claimed that the in-laws of the deceased were pressurizing her to bring Rs 10 lakhs from her maternal home. When the situation turned from bad to worse, she was adviced by her maternal family to stay separately (in another house) along with her husband.  In fact, the husband of the deceased had taken another house too. They were supposed to shift to their new house. Sumit alleged that when he saw the dead-body of his sister, he had noticed marks on her hands and face.

It could be mentioned here that the deceased had eloped and had got married to Deepak who is her husband. The deceased has a three year old daughter too.