Published On : Wed, Apr 27th, 2016

Externed goon kills wife suspecting infidelity

Cops reaching on time thwarts plan to destroy evidence

Ekta Nagar,Kalamna Murder
: Some goons are really very clever and very calculative. However, they often underestimate the long arm of the law.

In one such incident which occurred in Ekta Nagar, Bhandewadi Kalamna area, an externed (Tadipar) goon Rajesh Khadse aged murdered his wife and made it appear as if she has committed suicide. Police sources claimed that the goon has many serious crimes registered against him. He used to live in Panchpaoli Police Station from where he was externed. Sources added that he suspected that since he was externed, his wife Mangla aged 30 years was having some illicit affair with some other men. This suspicion of infidelity had caused the goon and his wife to get into hot wordy duel for the last three-four days.

On April 27, 2016, goon Rajesh Khadse aged 35 years murdered his wife identified as Mangla Khadse. He then carefully placed the body in the bed, stuffed cotton into her nose and ears, tied the thumbs of her foot as if it was tied by the hospital. He went on to cover the body with a white bed sheet, placed a candle, lit incense sticks and sat crying with his family members. Whoever asked him about the death of his wife, he was claiming that when he returned from outside, he found his wife hanging from a rope in the bedroom and how he rushed to cut open the rope and rushed his wife to the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital and how the doctors there declared her dead and how he brought her back home.

However, a police informer suspected some foul play and informed the cops of Kalamna Police Station. The cops swung into action and reached his home. When the cops asked the same question about the death of his wife, he repeated the same story. He went on to claim that he brought the dead body home directly without informing the police since he did not want his wife’s body to undergo post-mortem. However, the clever cops noticed the mark on the neck, a wound on the head and immediately seized the dead body and arrested the goon identified as Rajesh Khadse.

The goon Rajesh Khadse tried his level best to fool the cops for a long time. However, when the cops displayed their stern attitude, he broke down and confessed to his crime.

The seasoned cops while speaking to Nagpur Today claimed that the goons is very clever and has gained many inputs from Television programme “Crime Patrol” and knew the functioning and the style of the cops. However, sustained interrogation led the accused to break down and confess the crime of murdering the wife. The cops who had sent the dead body of the deceased to Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (Mayo) for post-mortem got a preliminary report which clearly said that someone has strangulated the deceased with a rope.

However, with the cops reaching the scene at the right time had prevented a goon from getting away with murder by destroying the evidence. In-Charge of Kalamna Police Station Senior Police Inspector Anil Bonde said that they have registered a case of murder under Section 302 of Indian Penal Code and investigating to ascertain whether the goon had actually taken down the body and had he rushed the body to IGGMCH (Mayo) etc.