Published On : Sat, Apr 23rd, 2016

Accident and Pollution free Nagpur soon: Nitin Gadkari

Rs 17,000 crores sanctioned for the development of Nagpur district

Nitin Gadkari and Pradeep Maitra in press meet
More number of people are losing lives in road accidents as compared to riots. Approximately 1.5 lakh people are losing lives in road accidents. If an accident occurs, the entire family of the victim gets affected and destroyed. Many would have experienced accidents. Therefore there is a move to make Nagpur as Accident Free claimed Maharashtra, Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping Nitin Gadkari.

On this occasion, Nitin Gadkari claimed that he has brought Rs 17,000 crores for the development of Nagpur. Nitin Gadkari was speaking in a “Meet the Press” organized by Shramik Patrakar Sangh.
He informed that Tambe Committee has identified nearly 2.5 lakhs accident spots in the State. 23 spots of Nagpur city is included in the 2.5 lakh Accident spots in Maharashtra. There used to be many accidents occurring near Rajeev Gandhi Statue in Ajni Square, when he was the PWD Minister. Then after the area was developed, the number of accidents had reduced. Gadkari claimed that there will be a web-site based on accidents spots soon. One can get information on the accident spots in the city. Only one accident occurred in Sweden throughout the year.

Length of highways have doubled
5660 kilometers long highway existed in Maharashtra. After this government took reigns the length of the highways have doubled. A sanction for the making of a length of 15899 kilometers was given. By increasing one percent in the funds required to make the highway, funds worth Rs 5000 crores will be raised to make the roads accident free.

This funds will be used to install CCTV cameras, system and furniture. This funds will also be used to enhance greenery on both the sides of the road. In order to develop greenery, nurseries will be raised in rural areas thus providing employment to rural unemployed youth. Rs 10 lakhs will be spent for plantation every kilometer.

150 Pollution free buses
Leaving Mumbai, Thane, Pune, e-rickshaws have been approved to ply by the Transport Department. E-rickshaws will be provided to nearly 4000 cycle-rickshaws owners. Loan facilities will be made available from Mudra Bank to buy e-rickshaws. Apart from this 50 Ethanol-run buses will be brought to the city next month. To add to that 50-50 buses run on Methane and CNG gases will also be brought to the city next month.

Once these buses start plying on Nagpur roads, then Nagpur will appear on the list of First City to provide pollution free public transport.

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