Published On : Tue, May 19th, 2015

Abducted 16-year-girl rescued, gang-raped and sold in MP, Four arrested



Young girls should be very careful of unscrupulous young-men who con them into love affairs and elope with them to get married in a different state. The fates of the young girls are often disastrous and often end up getting raped and sold into prostitution cartels.

In a similar case which got unraveled on May 18, 2016, the case of a missing 16-year-old girl for the last one month got unraveled when the police officials from Nagpur Crime Branch rescued the girl from Madhya Pradesh and brought her to Nagpur. The 16-year-old victim was conned by her lover and under the pretext of getting married to her, he had taken her to Madhya Pradesh. However, there he and his friends gang-raped her and sold her for Rupees One lakh fifty thousand.

According to police sources, the 16-year-old minor victim fell in love with a youth identified as Vikas alias Vicky.

Vikas alias Vicky expressed his desire to get married to her and knowing fully well that the parents of the girl would not permit their marriage, he convinced the victim that they will elope and get married in Madhya Pradesh.

On April 13, 2015, the accused eloped with the victim. Immediately after eloping from their house, Vicky had taken the victim to house of his friend identified as Akshay Gondane in Khaperkheda.

There the accused and three more friends took the victim to the river. There near the river, all the four accused gang-raped the minor victim. The victim was threatened and was told that if she tells anything to anyone she will be killed. After the incident, the wife of the accused Akshay identified as Priti started taking her out to Mansar in Mandhya Pradesh under the guise of catering business. However, at Mansar, the victim was taken to various lodges and forced into prostitution.

The victim was under strong surveillance and kept hidden from public view for nearly 20 days in Khaperkheda area.

After this, the accused Vicky and the Gondane couple (Askhay and Priti) decided to sell her off. So the accused trio took the victim to Jabhua in Madhya Pradesh. There they sold the victim to a youth identified as Akash Parmar of Bamnia for a sum of Rupees One lakh fifty thousand. They handed over the victim to Akash Parmar and returned to Nagpur.

On the other hand, the parents and relatives of the victim had lodged a case of missing with the Panchpoli Police Station. The police officials of Panchpoli Police Station had registered a case of kidnapping and were investigating the case. Immediately after escaping from the house, the victim’s mobile phone was showing as switched off. The cops took out the Call Details Record (CDR) and found out one of the friends of the victim. Since the victim was a minor, Akash Parmar was finding difficulty in getting married to her. Based on the mobile phone tracking system, the police officials reached Bamnia from Jhabua. There they found out the address of Akash Parmar. The cops raided the house and found the victim concealed. They rescued the victim and brought her to Nagpur where the victim narrated the harrowing experience to the cops.

On the basis of the complaint lodged by the victim, the police officials of Panchpoli Police Station registered cases against the accused and arrested Akash Parmar, Vicky Borkar, Durgesh Mogh and Akshay Gondane. The cops got four-day’s Police Custodial Remand for the accused from the court. The entire operation of rescuing the minor girl was undertaken under the guidance of Police Inspector S D Nikam.