Abandoned Boeing 720 plane in Nagpur again in news! Read here, why?

Nagpur: The news of Boeing 720 plane that had stranded at Nagpur Airport for 24 years, on Wednesday grabbed the sudden attention, after a youth from United States (US) claimed that it was his father who stirred this controversy by lending that Boeing 720 plane to Sam Verma.

Chirs Croy, a native of St. Louis in Missouri (US) took to social media platform Twitter that he just got to know that the Boeing 720 plane that remained stranded at Nagpur Airport due to some legal issue was his dad’s fault. Within 24-hours of the Tweet, Croy started to grab attention. He received over 12,000 like and around 5,000 retweets.

In a series of tweets, Croy wrote, “I just found out that

1. For 24 years every pilot who landed at the airport in Nagpur, India had to be warned about the Boeing 720 sitting next to the runway.

2. That it was my dad’s fault.

This is the story of my dad’s junkyard jet.”

“Some time in 1990 my dad, an airplane mechanic at Brown Field Municipal airport, saw a guy circling the abandoned Boeing 720. It had been resting in the dry desert air ever since the previous owner, Kenneth Copeland, had ditched it a couple years back for reasons unknown.”

“The guy, an Indian tire magnate named Sam Veder, asked my dad if it could fly again. My dad said yes, he could get it flying. The 29-year-old plane wasn’t commercially viable in the US, but India’s another story. All they had to do was get it there.”

“After they completed the test flights in Tijuana, my dad’s junkyard jet embarked for India with my dad and Sam Veder on board. If Sam was going to die, then mick mechanic who “fixed” it was going to die with him.”

“He was right to worry: Granted, the plane DID make it to India, but they encountered engine problems on the maiden flight from Delhi and had to do an emergency landing at Nagpur airport, where it would live for the following 24 years.”

The history:

A Boeing 720 arrived at Nagpur Airport on July 21, 1991. The plane sought emergency landing authorization owing to engine problems, which was granted. The aircraft was operating as a private jet at the time, owned by the Continental Aviation Private Limited (CAPL).Typically, such a landing would be accompanied by the dispatch of a repair crew to identify and resolve engine problems. This, unfortunately, does not appear to have occurred. Instead, the 720 was abandoned near Nagpur Airport’s runway. The plane’s presence lingered for months, then years, and it hadn’t moved by 2015.