Aapli Bus Ticket Scam: Drivers, conductors key conspirators

Nagpur: In yet another incident of attack on Aapli Bus ticket checker, Kamptee police have booked six miscreants for allegedly obstructing and doling out threat to one Nilam Kanchan Prajapati. The goons reportedly acted on being informed by the bus conductor and drivers about the supervise check.

Speaking to Nagpur Today, Kamptee PI Santosh Bakal informed that, it is the conspiracy involving a gang led by one, Prem Mishra.

The modus operandi of this gang is accompanied by bus conductors and drivers; they prevent ticket checkers from keeping vigil. Prima facie it appears the conductors tip off the goons about the checking spot. Every time checkers are on duty, some people follow them and try to stop them from taking action. The continuous attacks have left the ticket checkers terrified, and ultimately causing revenue to the NMC,” said the PI.

After the increased ticket thefts, the transport department of the NMC has suspended 22 conductors of the Aapli Bus service and locked IDs of 81 conductors.

As per information, from the last few months, NMC has suffered Rs.6 crore worth loss due to the ongoing ticket fraud in Aapli Bus. Due to this, the transport department formed flying squads to check the tickets in running buses. During their raids the flying squads found that 81 conductors had taken money from the passengers but had not issued them tickets. The squad found excessive amount of money with 2 conductors while 22 conductors were found to be operating a WhatsApp group due to which strict action was taken against them.