Aapli Bus driver goes berserk, puts lives of passengers at risk

Aapli Bus
Nagpur: A driver of Aapli Bus went berserk on the busy stretch of road between Medical College Square and Ganeshpeth ST Bus Stand and almost caused a fatal accident risking lives of an aged couple on Wednesday morning.

According to commuters travelling in the Aapli Bus (6172) from Besa to Gorewada around 11.30 am on Wednesday, the unidentified bus driver was speeding his bus in menacing manner. The bus left Besa Bus Stop around 11.25 or 11.30 am for Gorewada. The driver, wearing sunglasses, went berserk on the stretch of road between Medical College Square and ST Bus Stand. First, the speeding driver skipped the Baidyanath Square Bus Stop leaving disembarking and boarding passengers flabbergasted.

The unruly bus driver probably wanted to clear the green signal at the square and hence did not stop bus at Baidyanath Square Bus Stop. And when the passengers protested, the whimsical driver started abusing them in threatening posture. Crossing all limits, the Aapli Bus driver started moving the bus even as an aged couple was disembarking the bus at Ganeshpeth Bus Stand. Timely shouts by the commuters saved their lives as the driver applied the brakes in a jolt rather angrily. The lady bus conductor too was stunned at the nasty behaviour by the bus driver.