Published On : Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

AAP registers strong opposition to renewal lease process; demands to declare Sabha a defaulter

Nagpur: The volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party, Nagpur have registered their opposition to the process of fresh renewal of lease deed by the Nagpur Improvement Trust to Maharashtra Rashtrabhasha Sabha, Pune. AAP has registered its protest by a written petition to the chairman of NIT to be taken in Public Hearing scheduled here on 1st’Sept’2017. A delegation of AAP submitted its say here on Monday to the chairman Deepak Mhaisekar.

It is submitted that the land owned by Nagpur Improvement Trust having House No. 1155, CTS No.1143, Ward No. 74 of Nagpur Municipal Corporation on North Ambazari Road, admeasuring 1.01 Acres was initially allotted on 28.3.1961 for public institutional use to Maharashtra Rastrabhasha Sabha, Nagpur. The said land was given on lease for 30 years on the date of allotment. The said lease was renewed on 13.9.1996 for further period of 30 years and hence it was renewed from 1.4.1991 to 31.3.2021. Maharashtra Rashtrabhasha Sabha, Pune applied for the change of user under Section 37 of Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act to the State of Maharashtra on 10.4.2001.

The said change of user was approved by the State of Maharashtra on 21.2.2004. Subsequently another lease deed came to be executed by the Nagpur Improvement Trust on 21.12.2006 in favor of Maharashtra Rashtrabhasha Sabha, Pune for commercial use of the land.

In response to the order passed by the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court in above referred public interest litigation the Nagpur Improvement Trust has asked to Sabha to pay Rs. 163.75 crore as additional premium and ground rent. The demand note was also been issued to the said NGO. But said NGO has not cleared its dues till date. The present status of the said NGO is like a defaulter. The delegation has demanded to declare sabha as a defaulter. It is very strange that how the authorities of NIT can allow a leasee to continue to occupy the land without clearing the premium and as well as the ground rent.

Therefore, the delegation demanded to complay with the directions as given by the High Court detailed pro/enquiry must be conducted into the conduct of the allotee Maharashtra Rashtrabhasha Sabha, its officials and all other State Government Officials through impartial body like Central Bureau of Investigation or Retired High Court Judge. The land in question should be immediately restored to the Nagpur Improvement Trust and must be auctioned under Rules 7(2) of the Land Disposable Rules 1983. In no case the renewal of the lease deed is done in favour of Rashtrabhasha Sabha in the larger interest of the public.

The delegation consisted of Bhai. Jammu Anand, Chandrashekhar Parad, Arif Dosani, Ravikant Wagh, Karan Shahu, Adv. Arvind Waghmare, Aatish Taywade, Sanjay Sharma, Adv. C. H. Sharma, Manoj Soni, Rajesh Paunikar, Amitab Daral, Ajay Sahu, Anil Sharma, Adv. Shailesh Jaiswal, Ansar Shaikh, Deepak Sane, Rahul Wasmwar, Ashish Virulkar, Dheeraj Adhau were present.