Published On : Tue, Apr 8th, 2014

AAP ready to remove political stain on Indian democracy


Nagpur News : It is time to show the established parties who are always misleading the people and are serving their own ends, their right place. In elections people get chance to exercise franchise only once in 5 years. But the chance people have got in this 2014 elections will not be available to them for coming 30 years. This is really a historical event. So the people and particularly the youths should not waste this opportunity. The people should come forward and elect representatives with clean image and take such clean people to the Parliament. Thus exhorted Anjali Damania, the electorate, during her election rally today.

Looking to the response she is getting from people, it seems that the calculations of Congress and BJP are going haywire. People are now fed up with caste and religion politics of the established parties. She said Aam Adami Party is very active to do away with these mal practices of the opponents.

After declaration of her party manifesto she said now there is no need to answer which is the right party at the time of these Lok Sabha elections?

Along with the chief agenda of corruption free India, she also made reference to separate Vidarbha, putting end to commercialization of education and elevating the quality in this field, better health facilities, right management of the running power plants, banning new plants while delivering speeches during the rally. For getting to know the problems of people she was reaching out to people and offering them solace.

Today along with rally she also stood with her party workers at various city squares and established rapport with the people.

In west Nagpur, Manish Bharadwaj, Kavita Singhal, from north Nagpur, Manoj Warghat, Deepti Soni, in central Nagpur, Nilesh Gahlod, Soni Fating, east Nagpur Rakesh Urade, south-west Nagpur Ashok Mishra and from south Nagpur, Jyoti Kanhere accompanied Anjali Damania in her meetings till 5 pm.

As per directives of Election Commission, the workers should deposit all the campaign material in the office, they should take off the caps, remove the campaign posters from the vehicles and co-operate with the Election Commission, she informed her party workers.

Anjali Damania said vote is not only our right but it is also our responsibility. To safeguard  dignity of democracy, to eradicate corruption and to get clean administration people should elect representatives with clean image only.