Aadhaar Update: ‘Technical glitch’ puts citizens in a fix at Kamptee Head Post Office!

Nagpur: Following the directives of UIDAI, the Aadhaar Updating and Enrollment drive was initiated at Banks, Post Offices and other Government departments across the country. Under the same umbrella, 249 post offices for Aadhaar Updating and Enrollment were selected in Nagpur region and equipment from selected centres were being used for the camps. However, while people of Orange City are facing no inconvenience in the process, the condition of neighboring parts of the city is contrary.

Most of the post offices are conducting the update process during short time of intervals, accepting maximum 40 forms for update, and ultimately bringing stress on the gullible citizens who stand in the queue from early morning to late in the evening.

It is pertinent to mention that the timing of Aadhaar Updating and Enrollment Services have been changed from ‘10 am to 6 pm’ to ‘9 am to 8 pm’ at Amravati, Akola Head Post Offices for flexible timings to customers and to ‘8 am to 8 pm’ at Nagpur GOP and Nagpur City Head Post Office.

Operating for couple of hours, accepting 40 forms only:
Speaking to Nagpur Today, Ankit Yelekar, working as a supervisor at Private Firm in Hinganghat (originally a resident of Kamptee) who had gone to Kamptee Head Post Office said that, “Capitalizing my weekend leave I had gone to post office on Friday morning to update my Aadhaar card. However, I was taken aback by out-rushed crowed and long queue that was there already.

“It was barely 10.30 in the morning; we all were standing in the queue while the officials started enrolling us by 11 am. After accepting around 40 forms for updating process, the officials told us they were done for the day. The furious crowd then rushed inside the post office with their forms. However, they were asked to come tomorrow on the pretext of network crisis,” added Yelekar.

Lack of manpower, putting extra burden on department:
“The manpower at the post offices is already fewer and this extra burden of updating process by has been added by UIDAI. While people tend to stand in queue from early in the morning, the officials come at the standard time of 11 am and show apathy towards the citizens. Officials are even charging Rs 50 for updating Aadhaar instead of Rs 25,” he lamented.

Progress is underway to curb irregularity: Postmaster General
Commenting on this issue, Ramchandra Jaybhaye (IPoS), Postmaster General, Nagpur Region said, “We are aware of difficulties the consumers as well as administration have been facing owing to some technical glitch during Aadhaar Updation programme. However, efforts had been made and the progress is underway to curb the irregularities reported.

“Number of camps done from April 1, 2019 to September 9, 2019 are 167 and Aadhaar Updations and Enrollments done in the camps are 9883 and 1724 respectively” Jaybhaye added.

– Shubham Nagdeve