Published On : Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

A First In Nagpur – A Food Photography Exhibition

Food o Pixel
Well, if there’s one thing there’s no shortage of, it’s the number of people around us who photograph their food before eating it. Instagram and food photographs are a match made in heaven and there’s no denying that. So, one of Nagpur’s established photography clubs – the 4D Photography Club (4D stands for Fourth Dimension) is holding a food photography exhibition from 19-21 August.

Interestingly, the exhibition also features a segment dedicated only to Instagram photography in the exhibition. The exhibition named ‘Food-o-Pixel’ is part of the photography club’s annual exhibitions – all of which are not-for-profit and aimed only at encouraging photography in the city.

This weekend, the club held a cool food photography workshop to get the ball rolling and will announce many more activities as we near the exhibition date in August. We encourage all ShoutOut readers to avail this opportunity and participate in this unique exhibition and maybe even win a prize! Happy clicking!