Published On : Sat, Apr 18th, 2015

A divine wonder: Red chili depicts Shiv Ling & Lord Ganesh Trunk, too, naturally!!!

Red chili as Lord ganesha  5

This red stuff needs no introduction. This common seasoning herb or ‘vegetable’ is used in millions of kitchens all around the world in one form or the other since the stone age. Talking or writing about this red wonder – the red chili – would be a futile exercise or say the stupidity. Everybody knows the red chili and its hot qualities. But the Mother Nature has a penchant to reveal its majestic miracles in different ways and forms, as well.

A red chili, purchased by Pravin Dabli, resident of Empress Mill Quarters, Bezonbagh, Kamptee Road, decided to show the true nature of Mother Nature, albeit, in divine way. When Pravin Dabli bought a bunch of red chilies from a vegetable vendor he had no idea even in his dream that Mother Nature would facilitate ‘darshan’ of a godly figure. A red chili got transformed in the shape resembling Shiv Ling and also Trunk or Nose of Lord Ganesh. This wonderful picture left the Dabli family and neighbours amazed.

A few days ago, Pravin Dabli was in the news when he spotted a Rose within a Rose growing, naturally!! The kingly Rose, growing at his garden, first produced another Rose bud within its periphery and, soon the bud blossomed into a gorgeous Rose flower. A flower within a flower. Mother Nature was at its breathtaking best.