Published On : Mon, Jul 12th, 2021

82+ cities 13 states 91 hour: One Rider Bhawesh Sahu

Nagpur city boy, Bhawesh Sahu makes the city proud as he got his name entered in India Book Of Records by completing his Golden Quadrilateral ride in 91 hours. Starting his ride from Delhi then Moving to Kolkata then to Chennai towards Mumbai and back to Delhi, he covered a distance of 6044 KM.

Born in the year 1996 in the state of Bihar and brought up in Nagpur Maharashtra, Bhawesh was passionate about owning and riding a motorcycle from a very young age. From completing his first ride in 2014 covering a distance of 165 km to completing 6044 km and riding all over India and across borders, and Completing 44000+ km on his Bike, he has come a long way. But as correctly said, “Life is not a cakewalk” life bought him a do or die situation when he just turned 19. With a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders he decided to pause riding for a while.

It was during this time when he decided to start riding soon and got passionate about covering one of the biggest rides of his life, The Golden Quadrilateral Ride. He prepared himself for 2 years both mentally and physically for this dream ride. The pandemic happened in March 2020 and turning this into an opportunity, Bhawesh gave more time preparing the ride. From mapping his routes to carefully calculating the distances between petrol pumps and to work on his sleep cycle, he did it all during the pandemic. It was October 2020 he decided on a date to start his ride in March end. In November he started meditation, a diet plan and regular gymming. The only challenge he faced was when his well wishers and supporters vanished. Bhawesh says, “When everyone backed out, I was a little disheartened initially. It was only my stubbornness and passion towards completing my dream ride that kept me going. Bhawesh says that without any support it is not possible to even attempt this ride.”

On March 28, 2021 he finally began his ride starting from Delhi. Upon talking about the obstacles he faced during his ride Bhawesh says, “It was absolutely not easy. My goal was just to complete the ride. I never planned to have a record in my name but it just happened. Covering 82 + cities and 13 states in 80 hour as less time as possible was my target. My ride was during Holi where everything is shut in most parts of India but as rightly said that if you really want to do something will all your heart even God helps you to achieve it. This is what exactly happened to me when the Radiator fan got damaged and no showroom was open, I somehow was able to get it fixed! It did cost me 8 hours but all I was able to see in front of me was achieving my dream.”

He finished his ride on 31 March 2021. This might seem not a big deal to few people but one has to cover a distance of at least 2100 KM in 24 hours to complete this ride. Bhawesh covered 450 Km in just 3 hours 45 minutes to cover 2100 Km. Even though Bhawesh was not able to complete the ride in 80 hours, he was able to create a new record in the history of the biker community for the fastest ride. He and his family proudly welcomed the new record on 07 July 2021.

Bhawesh says, “If anyone wishes to complete this ride they have my full support. I will help them to prepare for it and in whatever way possible. All you need is Passion, support and stubbornness.”

Bhawesh has completed 12 rides so far. Along with these rides he has also participated in a race training programme on Kari Motor Speedway. He wishes to increase his number of rides in future.