Published On : Sat, Sep 19th, 2015

8 Things to Do Right After College Instead of Getting a Job

Nagpur: If you don’t think that the old fashioned 9-to-5 job after college is the right way for you to go, fret not! In today’s world, you have more than enough options at your disposal to help you discover yourself before making a big decision. We have made a list of eight things that you can do right after college instead of getting a job.

1. Travel:
I’m ready to travel!

The number one item on this list is travel. Wanderlust is addictive, and offers an intricate journey into self-discovery. If your time and resources permit, go out and travel. Explore different cultures, peoples and perspectives, and return as a completely new person. It can also help you earn fabolously, according to a list we drew up here.

2. Gap year programmes:
‘Take a break they said!’

Yes, there are gap year programmes that exist especially for the likes of you. If you are slightly confused, you can take up programmes in community service or academic assistance to make the most of your gap year until you make the big decision. There are also some really weird courses you can choose from too.

3. Internship:
Intern experiences may be cramped for comfort.

An internship may not pay as much as a job, but it is a much more intensive learning experience than the latter. As an intern, you start working at the lowest level, and learn to rise upwards as well as laterally. Curious? You can begin preparing for one this way.

4. Follow your passion:
Guitar hero anyone?

Taking a year off for some self-improvement and ‘me time’ is always recommended. Pursue that hobby you never had time for earlier, join that Pilates class already, or pen down those beautiful poems—the possibilities are endless. In fact, in one of our recent write-ups, we explored how you can convert your talent into your dream job.

5. Short courses:
Excel in education? Let me finish first.

If you wish to pursue a course different from the one you just majored in, you can look for distance education courses or other certificate and short courses. No knowledge ever goes to waste!

6. Do community service abroad:

There are a lot of programmes and organisations now that offer you a chance to do social service in other countries. Step out of your comfort zone to make the lives of others a little more comfortable. You may also gain a whole new perspective in the process.

7. Teach:
Take up a job at the local primary school or at your own college as an assistant to give back some of the learning. Teaching is the perfect way to learn something new, and a great way to spend a gap year, especially if you are fond of children. Who knows? Teaching may have been your inherent passion and you can back it up with these resources.

8. Take a risk:
If you are daring enough, take up a seasonal job like that of an adventure sports guide, or follow that band around like you have always wanted to, or take up farming. Stray away from the beaten track and make your own path.