Published On : Sat, Jan 4th, 2020

7th Wine festival opens with a bang

This year annual wine festival has a new venue in South West Nagpur

7th Wine festival opens with a bang at Bhagwati lawns in Trimurti Nagar.

Deepak Bhatnagar, Director Commercial of Sula wines was Chief guest. Among other special guests was Priyanka Save Promoter of Fruzzante, who has brought many fruit based ” sparkling Alcoholic beverages ” to the wine festival for the first time!

Her Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry ‘ wines’ were a big hit today .

” Plan to make Orange wine in Nagpur soon” promises Priyanka.

This Mechanical Engineer, by vocation, had a fulfilling career in New York in USA. Yet she returned to India 7 years ago, to be with her ailing father Shrikant Save who owns a resort called Mill Zill in a small town called Bordi in Konkan. This area is full of chickoo orchards.

Why not do something with this fruit? Thought Priyanka. With a lot of trial and error she succeeded in making an aromatic, flavorful and stable alcoholic beverage with it. She then experimented with other fruits like mango, pineapple, strawberries and oranges.

” Getting licenses was a struggle till I met Minister Eknath Khadse”.

You keep saying ‘ help the farmer’ but here I have a product that will use local produce but I cannot make it!

Khadse was shaken by this statement. He promised Priyanka and her husband Pai that the requisite permits will be given in 7 days, and they were!!

Among Sula wines, a new wine called Kadu became a hit too . KADU means a forest in Kannada. Or ‘ the wild’. Sula is committed to Save the Tiger project with part of the profits from this wine .

There were many food stalls to choose from at the festival. Seafood restaurant ‘ MACHLEE ‘ is serving delicious fish fare along with other stalls selling Punjabi food and rolls etc.

A special attraction at the festival was the presence of Vartika Parihar Patil who has just won the Fabulous Mrs World title in China.

A good outing for Sunday.