Published On : Wed, Feb 20th, 2019

7 Things to look for while buying a Necklace


The reminiscence of the bike ride I had with my father comes fresh in my mind as I write this. We travelled close to 15kms carrying my mother’s old gold to exchange it for a new necklace. That was time when we strictly believed in a gold smith who was a close acquaintance to the family since generations. As a child, I used to ask my father a million questions as to why we should travel so far for such a petty thing, my father expectantly said “Jewellery purchase is a costly affair and we cannot afford to go wrong, hence the utmost care in ordering”.   Jewellery for a child’s brain is a commodity just like any other toy. But it took a while for me to understand why there was so much care taken while buying gold. Today as I wish to buy a Necklace for myself, I researched online for gold necklace with price, visited stores, enquired friends, asked my parents, found out latest necklace designs from new brides and practically did everything under the sun to get 360 degree knowledge on how to buy a Necklace.


My necklace maniamade me adept at buying it also. Talking about styles, patterns and workmanships is very common, what is not mostly spoken off are the points one should look for while buying a Necklace. Below few are my research points which will help you save your time.

  1. Pattern of Necklace: If you have a certain pattern in mind or design in mind, I strongly suggest you look for the same. If you do not find one, look for a retailer who would custom make your design. The Jewellery design is one thing you should never compromise on.
  2. Usability: Most ignored factor yet it is highly important to throw light on the usability of the Necklace, there are multiple designs in market which offer multi usability or dual designs etc. For example: there are necklaces which have different gemstones on the front and the back making it a dual usage piece. Look for versatility and make most of your hard earned money.
  3. Clasp: Another important aspect when we look for Necklace is the clasp, some have strong and colourful adjustable threads while some have gold chains that have links to adjust height of the Necklace. These clasps should be strong enough and any hint of loose claps should be immediately dealt with the Jeweller.
  4. While buying Jewellery, most of us often exceed our budgeted amount, though there is a joy of getting that precious little piece home but the burden of debt or credit always haunts us. Instead there are many Jewellers who offer easy EMI facility such as Vaibhav Jewellers, helping customers buy their dream Jewellery burden free.
  5. Unlike the olden days necklaces now come in different weight, price and design ranges. The basic necklace is divided into two i.e. Attached Pendant style necklace and detachable Pendant Necklace. While an attached pendant style necklace is most common, a detachable pendant necklace will enable you to style it in multiple ways.
  6. Look if the design is hallow, some Necklaces are made in the form of a lace and are intricate and hallow. The gold weight would be less but the making charges would be more for such necklaces. Example gemstone and diamond studded necklaces. Do take a moment to check the diamond necklace price and design variations, the gold weight may be less but the use of gemstones or diamonds would make it costly.
  7. Workmanship: Most of us are not aware of the different workmanships, until I made my own enquiry, a necklace for me was broadly divided into two:- gold necklace and diamond necklace. But, we all would be curious to know that there are different workmansips such as Pachi, temple, antique, etc and variations in design such as gemstone, Kundankari, Junagadh, Meenakari, etc. One look into these stunning gold necklaces would leave you spell bound.

One stop shop for all your necklace needs would be a retailer who has every design and workmanship under their roof example: Vaibhav Jewellers. They have a huge design range sourced from different parts of India. Their decades of reputation makes them most sought after Jeweller with a dedicated Jewellery retail space of 55,000sqft  across eleven stores and two states namely Andhra and Telangana. They also have an online portal vaibhavjewellers facilitating out of state and global Jewellery enthusiasts. Also, their live video shopping is worth a shot.

As I sign off!! I am assuming you now have a fair idea on the basic shopping elements to explore while you buy your Necklace.