Published On : Tue, Dec 7th, 2021
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7 charming metal lighting designs to give a stroke of opulence to your homes


Metal decor has had the spotlight for a while in the home decor scene and it continues to be as elegant and as charming since the day it became a trend. Metal decor is extremely versatile and it can look as rustic and as luxurious as you want it to be. But, not only do you need a taste for it, but you also need to have a good idea about the unconventional designs of metal decor before making your pick. Right from the exhaustive collection of The White Teak Company, we bring to you an exclusively curated selection of metal lighting fixtures. Take a look and make your pick…

  1. Chandelier – Fallen Angels (Grand) – This chandelier is a true symbol of opulence and elegance. The metal base covered in a dark coffee hue and the two-layered lamp shades with marble on the inside and amber tinted glass on the outside, this piece is a treat to the eyes.
  2. Double height chandelier – Victorian Masterpiece – When you hear the words ‘victorian’, ‘metal’, ‘chandelier’ in the same sentence, you know there’s something big coming up your way, quite literally. This Victorian beauty in an antique gold finish literally defines grandeur and you can only gasp in awe after getting a glimpse of it.
  3. Table lamp – Globe Trotter – Table lamps are relatively a much more personal piece of decor and having a piece such as this one just amplifies the aura of that spot. Globe Trotter has a heavy vintage design with the classic candle holder-style sockets yet it blends into any kind of decor with ease.
  4. Pendant light – Sunset – This piece of decor is perfect for a compact place and offers a high functionality quotient and an extremely fresh design. With its slender and graceful curves, this piece in black, is meant to sweep you off your feet.
  5. Ceiling light – Time to Shine – A perfect alternative to chandeliers in compact places, this ceiling light is grand it gets. Fine metal sheets in a glossy gold finish uplift the aura of your living space and also offer a high functionality quotient too,
  6. Wall light – Stranded – Despite having a very modern design, this wall light does lend a rustic look to your living space, especially because of its vintage looking lampshade, bulb and the socket. This is one of the most sober pieces in the collection.
  7. Floor lamp – Moonlight Rendezvous – This piece does more justice to this list than any other piece above. Grand, rustic, opulent is how you would describe this beauty. With an antique gold finish and crystals gracing the entire look, this piece becomes a must-buy.